Monday, June 29, 2009

It’s Raining Cat and Dog

This weekend was very busy. I cleaned cat boxes (a weekly event-there are 3 of them), cleaned bird cages (an every other week all out scrubbing event), balanced my checkbook (a whenever I get around to it event), put the boarders on some quilt blocks (a should be more often event), played with the cat and cut the dog’s hair.

Good Kitten (really, that is her name) is here with Blane. When he gets bored he decides to make her a home made cat nip toy.

Here she is all hyped up on nip-DSC00306



Then she got tired and had a little rest. DSC00309

Still a bit cranked up though.

After that she took a little snooze and then decided to go outside. Here is my wildflower garden and bird feeders.


Wait, I think there is something unusual going on in there…can you see it?

DSC00311 - Copy

Yep, it’s Kitten. Being bad. In the garden.


Not that she realizes, but the birds know she is there.


She decided it wasn’t her but me that blew her cover and decided to come out and pose for a minute. The dogs would have chased her but they live in deathly fear of her. Actually, we do too. We always make sure she is in a good mood before approaching, or she will chase us out of the room. Seriously.

Beta has a new haircut and is posing here in his manly one-eyed dog pose.


He thinks he is pretty smart. Actually, he is probably thinking I wonder if it is time to eat again? or Should I pee over here or over there? or I wonder why I’m sitting here?

A couple of weeks ago I went here to bridge #85542 to take some pictures of the creek-or it might be part of the Whitewater, but I don’t know which part. Technically that is a river, but would not qualify as a full fledged river in any parts of the world I’ve ever lived.


This is what it was looking like that evening

                           p1010230 p1010229

If I had come a bit earlier you could have seen that the left bank is full of flowers.


This is the other side of the bridge.


I checked out the other bridge around the bend. There is an old bridge back there but I don’t think you can see it too well.


I checked out the pasture at the third bridge on rd 115-I think that is the number-past the turn off to Hershey Acres. Yeah, where ever.

Dave thought it was so much fun-can you tell?


For revenge he took my picture


Got the bad hair, baggy shorts and 20 year old sweater on. Lookin’ good.

So, sometimes you see pretty rivers and pasture, and sometimes all you see is a straight road and corn.



Not much of it out there yet….There is much more now.


And somewhere down the straight road and the corn is our house!

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