Saturday, June 20, 2009

The race is on

I raced a few weeks ago. Well, I raced before that but I refuse to blog a bad race. Since it is my blog I feel I am entitled to edit out my poor performances.

Well, OK. Since I just found the pictures I guess I will blog the Spring Classic, which was not so classic. This was a 9 mile race in which I got tired, had to walk, and generally felt crappy. I finished with a poor time which would put me well over 2 hours in a half marathon.


Bad hair, but otherwise not feeling too bad at the start.


Here we are, all lined up. I am right in the middle looking pretty stupid. Please tell me my posture is not always that bad.


Crossing the finish line in 1:27 or some such awful time. I run the TC10 faster than this 9 miler. And that is about enough of that.

This is the good one. I ran the Med City Marathon in 2 hours and 9 seconds. If I hadn’t stopped to adjust my music I would have broken 2 hours. (Like I used to…back in the day)

See our shadows? DSC00211Feeling good at the startDSC00212

Nice crowd and we can wear our music-big plus. Weather perfect, cool, sunny, low wind.


Here is the starting lane in Byron. Run down, circle around, run back and start towards Rochester.

Finish up by the YMCA-

Kenny was directing traffic. Unbeknownst to him he is our hero.


He really can be hilarious at times.



Very happy at the finish. I didn’t have a watch so I really didn’t know the outcome. Just feeling good and having fun. The 600 mg of ibuprofen before the race didn’t hurt either.

And the finish


Official time was 2:00:09. WooHoo. Shook off the spring classic blues.

Next up is today in Winona-BK5K. 5K. Ouch. That means running fast for 25 minutes. Ugly. But a yearly tradition. The race is on.

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