Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cora Comes to Visit

Cora came to visit on Friday.

Angie is so cute I can’t even describe it. You know how some new mothers just drive you insane with their worrying and constant baby this and baby that crap?

Well, Angie brought in Cora because she was worried about Cora not gaining enough weight-Ok, look at this kid


Seriously, I think she is getting enough food. But Angie was so cute about being worried about her we could not even start to be annoyed.


So we rushed her off to the scale after a scary brush with this-


Here is Patrick, who is never allowed to ride in my car again after an unfortunate incident involving backseat driving and horn honking. Doesn’t he look cute with the baby.


She weighs just enough-phew! That was close.

Here is that cute Angie, relieved mother and just so sweet-I can’t say it enough.


Not so good of Cora, I can either get a good shot of Angie or of Cora but not both together it seems.


Cora is getting to be a regular little kid now, and what is with that hair? It is about 3 shades lighter. She is quite the baby around our office.

And, of course, what the heck. Would it really be a visit without this-


I know-don’t even say it. Laura is back again. You might get the idea that all she does is wait around for a baby to nab, but really, Laura does actually work in between grabbing babies.

And that’s what happened Friday.

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