Monday, June 28, 2010


Last Friday, Laura and I saw a crazy car on a one way street to crazy town. Then, to top it all off, we saw a sheriff at a stoplight throw a cigarette butt out of his car window. I mean, really? And I am not even going to mention the drinking game Laura invented to capitalize on the BU of A (blatant use of acronyms) happening at public health. We then decided that we should not be together on Friday afternoons-EVER. I don’t know how we can invite so much trouble in the space of one Friday afternoon, but if it can be done, we will do it.

I had one more picture of me last weekend. I thought Dave had taken a better picture and I found it on my camera.

DSC01535 - Copy (2)

Nice baggy pants. (I am trying to tie that into the dogs panting-you know, pants…panting…, but can’t quite do it tonight. BUT- if this were Friday afternoon with Laura, you can bet I’d have cooked up an unbeatable caption)

Also this week I was driving home and there were cows on the road. I wish I would have taken a picture of them. They weren’t really cows, but they weren’t calves, they were tweens out getting into trouble.

I went knitting on Wednesday and Karen had finished the U of M children's sized Wallaby. It is really cute.


Cody and Kate showed up on Thursday.

DSC01537 - Copy 

I took a picture of cute, tired Kate while Cody unloaded the car.

On Saturday I got up early to take the birds to the vets. One of my birds flew away this week when I accidently walked out side with him on my shoulder. I am very sad.

But we got up early and took the other birds. The sunrise was pretty with the fog.


Click to make bigger.

My garden is growing, we certainly have enough water for it. If only we could get some sun.


Even Yeltsie got in the act.


In the afternoon Cody and Kate went to the history center and had some engagement pictures taken.


They started by this stone building.




They felt very awkward. I didn’t take any of the kissing shots. But there were a few. I’m surprised they could do it without laughing.

Then they went up to the other farm buildings




See ‘em-way up there….


They didn’t like this one

DSC01562 DSC01560 DSC01561

Then over to this building (and there were pictures going on the whole time-walking pictures, hand pictures, looking pictures, kissing pictures, lots and lots of pictures.



To the Early Rural School

DSC01569 DSC01567 DSC01568

After that I went home and these two went out for sushi. Must be nice.

Sunday I mowed most of the lawn and in the brief moment of sun, I shot a few pics of my wildflower garden, which the daisies have taken over.


But behind them there are a few colorful flowers

        DSC01579 DSC01574                           DSC01575    



In the front my Johnnie Jump ups are overtaking the head.

So, that’s the week. The paper piecing is coming along and I finished a corner on my Aran Afghan block. Photos to follow next week.

Oh, and Martha said everyone wanted to see the ring, but I had no pictures. Well, the photographer did take some of their hands and all that, but I got this close up in the box. Which I believe I posted before, so pay attention out there!


This is diamond upgrade number 1. The actual ring is diamond upgrade number 2. Just so you know.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Stormy Weather

Last week was a little unsettled weather wise in Minnesota. Tornadoes, wind, and rain on Thursday made for an exciting evening. Well, probably not so exciting for the poor people who lost houses or roofs or things like that.

This is what it looked like in Albert Lea, about 77 miles southwest of here. (Picture courtesy of


We were a little concerned to see this storm coming our way, but by the time it reached St. Charles there was none of this. Just winds up to 70 mph and 1 1/2 inches of rain. We came out unscathed, although there’s probably a spot on our roof we can’t see that is completely devoid of shingles. We’ll find out the hard way in about 3 months when part of the ceiling, being saturated by the leaking water, falls loudly to the floor. That’d shake up a few cats.

Saturday was the BK5K. Scott, Mary, and I lined up at the start for a pre race picture.


Fairly hot and sunny. Both Mary and I took 3rd in our age. Which is old, although I am happy to say Mary is older than me! We didn’t get a prize because they only did 1st and 2nd. The second place finisher was 9 seconds in front of me. Dang it. Oh well.  I was 3 out of 18 for my age, so that’s ok. It was fun and I felt pretty good.  A little windy on the last stretch.



Here we are, Me and Mary. I don’t know what happened to Scott. He just showed up at the finish line.

Saturday night we went to Pescara in Rochester for our anniversary, which is the 21st (today!). It was delicious. Thanks for the gift card Cody.


I think it could be the new nice place to eat, although a little spendy. However, now that I know how it works, we don’t have to order quite as much food next time. But I highly recommend it if you want a really nice place to eat.

Sunday was a rest day. But not really. I woke up with a runny nose and cold symptoms, although I didn’t feel like I had a cold at all. Allergies were suggested, although I don’t know how that could be as I have never had them before. So I think it was an aberration.

I managed to run 10 miles, with Dave on bike. Clean the house, fix my computer problem, do some quilting,  make pancakes for dinner and call Graampaa for father’s day.

After dinner we went for a little drive with the dogs (to check my mileage when I run). This morning when we went across this bridge we caused a stampede of horses down the creek. If only we’d had the camera then. Dave took a few shots of the scenery, which I have blogged before



And me with dogs, who we took along.


After the ride I managed to get a little knitting in, and watch Miss Marple. Then I was exhausted. The nose cleared up enough to let me sleep all night long. WooHoo. Today-health has been restored, I think.

Grampa sent a few bird pictures. My sister keeps saying it is “June-uary” in the Seattle/Tacoma area, and that has kept the bird cam indoors. But he got a few last week.


WSBC0815 WSBC0758

That crow looks just a bit angry and mean spirited.

Lastly, this morning I was on Facebook and I had to steal this picture.


Seriously, is Cora embracing her inner diva-ness or what? Click on the picture to make it bigger, and note the painted toenails. I love it. (Thanks Angie, for letting me steal your picture!)

Happy 7th Anniversary Dave. Enjoy the Solstice.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Busy Weekend

This week went by. It has been raining a LOT. I put in my garden in the raised bed and now we don’t have any sun. I know there hasn’t been a lot of sun in the northwest either, judging from the news from home. But I wish they’d quit sending their clouds my way.

I went to a stitch and bitch at Dunn Bros on Wednesday. I guess Med City does have a little knitting group that meets weekly. I decided that is something that I would like to do. So I went running, then over to Dunn’s and sat around talking about knitting for an hour and a half. Very pleasant. Next week I promise to take a picture. The other two girls, Karen and Barbara, were untangling a big bunch of yarn which would have made a good picture.

On Friday there was a retirement party for Cheryl, who is our clerical support. She used to be a financial worker and so very handy to have around. She knew all the ins and outs of the rules and regs of eligibility and how to find out lots of important stuff. She’ll be done at the end of the month (I am so jealous I could spit!)

Anyway, Mary K and the crew set up the room, and then I arrived and honed in on this right away


Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Cheryl is a seamstress, quilter, and all sorts of crafts person so we decorated with my quilts and her little American Girl dresses (which she makes, and custom makes to match the owners outfits-I gotta get me one of them dolls).

I took a few pictures of my quilts


Here’s a couple-the one on the left was a Superbowl Mystery Quilt.

And I think this one was a mystery also.


This is the one I gave to Mary K


And speaking of Mary, look at the kind of reception I get from just trying to snap some blogworthy photos


See the evil eye? She’s giving me a warning-and then this



Now look at my good girls, Lyndsey and Laura


See how they embrace the blog? My Posse. I’m so proud.

Cheryl got a plaque from the director of Social Services Paul Fleissner.


Those are her little American Doll clothes in the background.

And she got a corsage from Corinne-

DSC01487 But not in that order.

I am not blogging in real time this week.


And then a group shot of the Community Well Gang with our fearless leader, Corrine.

From L-Corrine, Cathy, Cheryl, Mary, Dawn, Anne and me. That dark thing around my neck is my badge lanyard. My badge was getting in the way of eating my cake.

Then on Saturday I went back to Dunn Bros to have early coffee with my other knitting friend Barb, who used to teach BOTM. She was drop spindling which looks like this


Of course, that’s not her because I didn’t take any pictures of that either. Jeepers. Get a grip.

Saturday afternoon we went to Angie’s new house in Chatfield for a house warming. She has a beautiful house, and I would have taken pictures but I ran out of battery taking pictures of this


A room full of babies with Laura and Ali. Well, Ali has Chase (standing, center) with her, and Laura….well, you know….

Morgan was there too, a little overwhelmed by a room full of toys and babies.


Is that not a “Holy Cow!” look or what?

And our little Cora, leading the way


Isn’t she a big girl? She was in a good mood this day.

And at one point Laura set a new record by being surrounded by 3 babies


Good Lord. I wish I would have had enough battery for 1) the rest of the house and 2) Laura crawling through a 3 foot tube into a Barbie House. I really wish I had a picture of that.

Today Dave decided to clean all the cushions on the couch and pile them up for the cat to sit on.

DSC01509 DSC01506

And then I decided to take family photos.


Elvin (aka Yeltsie)


Trixie (aka Noodle). She was slightly stressed about the photograhy thing.


And Beta, in all his one eyed glory (aka One eyed Did-as usual, don’t even ask)

I have been told that I am no longer allowed to take pictures of Dave’s head. The new rule is 7 feet, darkened and blurred.

Like this.


These are no longer acceptable.

P1010279 (2)

Of course, I only blogged this one as an example. Just so you know.