Monday, June 22, 2009


Last weekend was Father’s Day and our 6th Anniversary. It was also the summer solstice. That was Sunday.


Here we are 6 years and 20 pounds lighter between us. See how happy I am that is it over? Seriously. Dave was asking me yesterday morning-what do you think we were doing now 6 years ago?  By yesterday afternoon he was saying-Do you think we were drinking yet? Hmmmm.

Here’s a father for father’s day. And a mother too!


We tried to do a 3 way video conference with my sister but kept losing the video part. It is no fun without video.

So that was Sunday. On Saturday was the BK5K. I just like saying it because running it was not all that much fun. I met up with Mary before the race-


It was already a bit warm. We started at 9 AM. Sharp. Dave had the camera and I see he took pictures of this-


Not too sure why. I think it is the Cotter band. Girls from the Cotter flag part of the band. I am not even going to speculate.

Anyway, he is easily distracted but did manage to get me close to the finish line-


I did pass those two women in the last 100 yards. The one gal right behind the guy wouldn’t let me pass her back at the turns so I had to do it at the finish. Sorry. Ok, not really. Next time let me pass. That little kid had already finished and was waiting for the rest of us. No, just kidding. Although I have had little kids beat me, but not that little…..

Mary came in after me looking strong


There she is, in the middle there. By the time we got around to the finish it was kind of like running on the sun. Really hot. I kept thinking of the running class I took. Wally Arnold, Running Room, told us that if it is hot not to run for a personal best,  you’ll end up losing time because of how much the heat takes out of you. So I slowed my pace a little and finished in 25:47, although the official time is 26:40 which is odd because I was watching the clock when I came in. Either way, pretty slow. My last 5 K was just under 25. I did pick up on the last two miles. It didn’t help that I had to stop and tie my shoe about 3/4 of a mile in. I blame Mary for screwing up my pre-race rituals of double knotting.

That was ok though. At the finish was Kathy, who is the best strength and toning teacher ever. She is also a great fan and encourager.


Do I always look so stupid or was it the lack of oxygen?

But after all that I was second in my age group. (out of 4, what can I say? I finished 124 out of 337, I think. At least that is what Dave said when he read the results) Right after Nina Bren, whom I know from other races.


Here we are on the podium. Ha! I look baggy, she looks like a runner. But I was cooler and dryer so I felt pretty good.

All and all, not a bad weekend.


Ice Princess said...

Hi Sarah Congrats on your run. And you looked absolutely stunning on your wedding day.

Family Seattle said...

Hi Sarah! Love the pictures! I'm jealous - I wish I was running. Stupid knee. Martha