Saturday, July 30, 2011


The blog is on hiatus because the blogger is on “vacation”.

I went to Sock Summit 11 and boy, oh boy, did I have a great time. It was soooo much fun. I loved my classes, and the people I met, and the teachers and the market and everything. The traffic wasn’t so great to and fro, but even that was ok.

Off to Seattle with Blane today. Unsure what we are going to do, if anything. Thought about a Mariners game but didn’t want to pay the price. Will likely go to the Market (tourist!) and maybe over to Greenlake, and possibly the zoo. I just don’t know. But off to Seattle it is. Hopefully, the traffic won’t be all wonky because it’s Saturday, or maybe it will.

Anyhow-hope everyone is happy and healthy. More later.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cora and the Princess

This last weekend we had a wedding. Rachael, one of my coworkers, got married. It was a lovely wedding. The bride was stunning.


(My camera was true to form crappy.)


This is the wedding party. I wanted to zoom in but this is what happens.


It gets a bit blurry. But she was gorgeous.

At the reception, Cora got the table warmed up


I sat with Cora, Angie and Brian


(Although this is only Cora and Angie)

Chase and Ali were there too.


And of course, Laura


We had quite the time. And the bride and groom entered on a balcony-

That is so Royal Wedding. Sigh.


You do remember I love me a royal wedding, right???

So anyway, my favorite part of the whole night was the fact that Cora thought that Rachael was a princess. Like the royals. Like Disneyland. And every now and then Angie would say to Cora Look, there’s the princess.

Finally, Cora got her moment.


She made her approach……


And she met a Princess.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Thinking..What was I thinking?

Last week, I somehow wore this to work.

DSC01067 I guess I must have been in my pastel mode. Even I was embarrassed by it once I woke up a little. I think I’ll stick to a nice white cotton shirt with my yellow pants. One person (Yolanda) said “I think you should probably lose the yellow pants” but another (Angie) said “But I like those yellow pants” I think it’s all about what you pair with it. And it won’t be this ugly blue shirt ever again.

So that being said, we had a big rain on Friday. Our street in front of the 2100 tends to flood and this was no exception. I was sure I had parked far enough up, and usually it was far enough up, however not this time.


Dang. So I waded out in my bare feet with the water almost up to my knees and the peanut gallery cheering me on.


I wondered if I was going to get the Dengue fever wading through the street, but at least I wasn’t this guy (or girl)

DSC01030 - Copy

That is a shame. They probably LOVED the fact I was standing knee deep in the street taking their picture. The cops had to come and perform a deep water rescue later. I got in my car and drove to higher ground.

The flood heralded hot weather on Saturday, and the only cure for that was to go knitting.

Here’s our little group. From right is Yolanda, me, Susan, Lorna and Barb, and on the bottom on the end is Anita.

DSC01032 DSC01033

The crap camera was strained on this photo. I just can’t get it right.

After this, I met up with Laura and we went shopping for Rachael A’s wedding (well, I shopped for that and we looked around for other stuff since we were very early. I even  killed some time at the Sprint store looking stupid having them help me download an app). We had several adventures and yelled at each other a bit (our normal voices, really) until we arrived here


Morgan’s Second Birthday Party.

She was a little overwhelmed by it all. But I think most of the two year olds had a pretty good time. I know Laura and I did.

DSC01044Here’s our group DSC01052 DSC01059

Cora and Morgan

DSC01062 DSC01063

Cora and Angie,                     Ali and Chase


Patty and a happy baby (I think a cousin of Morgan’s)

It was fun, but it sure was easier to take pictures of those babies when they didn’t move so much. I took a lot of pictures but most were blurry. Again, unless it is bright and still, my camera will take a very bad picture.

Lyndsey made a great Minnie Mouse cake. Yes, she made this herself. Talent.


Sunday I went out only long enough to pick some squash. It was hot and the air was liquid.


I worked downstairs on some projects. One of which is the “Nobody Says No to Baby” quilt for Katie-Dave’s niece who is the guardian of Baby (aka Keelee)


This is Baby (that nobody says no to)

And this is the Minke quilt


I have it sewn, I need to get the binding and back. Then it will be done.

While sitting at the desk I could hear all sorts of noise coming from here.


When I looked inside, all I saw was this


But upon closer inspection…


Jack got stuck in a box. It’s unknown how this actually happened, but when I freed him, he stayed in the box. Whatev.

Then, after he finally came out, this happened.


I think Elvin was considering a sneak attack.

Dave, meanwhile, was oblivious watching the last episode of Fringe on his computer. He asked me about Peter Bishop today, but I have no idea who he’s talking about…….


Laura asked me where his hand pillow was, but Dave says he was ridiculed enough by getting his head/neck pillow out. Plus, his hand pillow is now doubling as his ice cream bowl pillow. It’s all in a day’s work. Or not, depending on if you are Dave.

By the way, on the 6 PM news today the heat index was 115 in Rochester, but it was down from 116 so we felt lucky.

And, last, but not least, as Jon Stewart would say

Here is your moment of Zen


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby, It’s Hot Out There

Rochester, MN

Conditions as of 1:54 PM





SSW 17 mph

Dew point:



29.98 in.

Heat Index:





9.0 miles

Observed at: Rochester, MN

It’s just not right.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Done and done


I finished the last of the Skacel knit a long.


So glad. I entered and am crossing my fingers and hoping to win the grand prize.

In the meantime-did you see this?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Big Bang

So, the crap camera can hardly take a clear picture, but it has a fireworks setting, and it actually took pretty good pictures.

It just seems amazing to me that it can’t take regular pictures in normal light, but can take these.




I thought they were pretty good. It was Fourth of July on our front porch.

On the 5th, my friend Barbara from Ravelry, and her husband, Rowland, came by on their way back from Eugene (Black Sheep) to their home in Western MA.

It was wonderful to see them. We had an action packed day on Wednesday. I had the day off and we started out at the fair.


I saw a couple of spotted goats. Spotted. Weird.



This one is very surprised.

There were sheep and pigs too

DSC01007 DSC01005 

I love the fair.

We then stopped by Pine Needles. I picked up some Minke for one of the babies from last weekend, and a kit to make for Dave’s sister’s new cabin.

(file picture-I didn’t take one last week-but there was a Serger class going one when we were there!)


We stopped at Kristen’s to see what was left over from the moving sale (pretty empty)-

Then up to What in Yarnation in Cannon Falls. I ended up picking up a little yarn project to make a soft kitty for baby, same baby that I am making the quilt for.

Then off to Northfield to the Tavern of Northfield to meet up with Jill and Lorri. Here we are after dinner. Note the yarn gifts that Barbara was giving away to us.


Aren’t we a cute bunch?

It was really a great time.

The next day, I was back to work and Barbara and Rowland were off to the east and north. To upper peninsula of Michigan, over the top and to the other side of the lake.

On the home front, Cody got ready to go back to Henderson. On Friday night, we went out to the fair, again, ate dinner, and on Saturday in the AM, we posed for the group shot before the departure.


Very squinty. So we decided to move it to the shade for a better picture.


A little better. Then we just decided to bag it and pretend like we didn’t even know each other.


Did we succeed?

And off he and Betty went.



I took a last shot of Blane


And went off to face the day.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

Hey-Happy 4th of July. Nice day here, a bit hot, but nice.

I have had an interesting week. Starting with the knocking down and loading up of my yarn/fabric display bins.

Here’s what they looked like at Kristen’s-

DSC00912 DSC00911

And today, here’s what they look like at my house-


Thanks Dave. He did all this himself whilst I was out running in the hot hot sun with Cathy. Didn’t help that I was a bit dehydrated from the weekend……

And the wooden bins that were there are now behind the desk. I think it looks pretty sharp.


Yeltsie thinks so too. (She is sitting on the cat spot that is too small for Jack to even fit his big toe on-so dainty is she).

I took the wire displays apart in a couple of days. I left a little early on Friday and I ended up knocking a little bit of it down outside where it was triple digits. Triple. The dew point must have been somewhere around 70. The air was thick and it was hot.

DSC00915 Late in the day…..

Thursday night we went to Thursday’s on First, and it was hot that night too. Not as hot as Friday, but hot enough to make me sweat and want to leave. I seriously debated a nice cooling Margarita, but I knew a weekend full of beer was coming and couldn’t start on Thursday.


The garden likes the weather, as long as I am out there watering.


Peppers, squash, and tomatoes.

The wildflower garden is coming along nicely too

DSC00922 DSC00919 DSC00921


Here’s a little daisies in the wind….


So, usually along with triple digits comes a storm, and after dark we had quite the rain and lightening, which cooled things off considerably.

Enough so that Saturday we set off to Melrose, WI for Meldefest 2011. I sort of like Meldepalooza better. But either way, we set off with days worth of supplies and the dogs, stopped for New Glarus beer, and made our way over.


This is Meldefest Central on Saturday afternoon.


We set up our tent on the hill on a nice flat spot. (That’s Dave’s rear end-sorry….)

And Dave settled in to relax.

DSC00944 He loves a good relaxing sit outside.

The whole time I was there I couldn’t help but think-Where is Laura when you need her-because check this out-

DSC00947 DSC00937 DSC00943

And that’s just a few examples-

If you ask me the adults were seriously outnumbered


I didn’t get a picture of all the tween girls-there was a gaggle of them but they were elusive.

Here’s Sophie and Scout-or is it Skeeter?


And my brother-in-law Tom, who’s property it was, having a deep conversation with Sam on Sunday AM.


Dave chaperoned a group on a “hayride”. The gaggle of girls went along. I see that Dave has a pretty fierce grip on that beer.

DSC00936 DSC00935

This is the morning view from our tent.


And Trixie taking in the new day


The view from the skylight and the window-fabulous

 DSC00950 DSC00951

We took a little walk to check out the sights.

 DSC00959 DSC00960 DSC00963


Trixie went down the road


Oh, she’s down there, the little dot in the road rut.

I tried to get Dave to take a picture of me and the baby.

First he did the 20 minute get ready to take the picture. By the time he takes it I’m like, seriously?


Then I tried to get him to take a picture of me, Sophie, the dog and the baby.

It was a bit blurry, so I had to sharpen.


Then I took my own picture of the baby. She wasn’t really interested.


And then we sat some more, ate some more, and came home. The dogs were exhausted.

And Chat was waiting patiently.


Happy Fourth of July.

As always, be sure to click on pictures to make them bigger and easier to view.