Thursday, June 11, 2009

She’s at it again

Today I was informed that at 11:30 babies would be arriving. Well, that was something I had to see. And so does everyone else in the world.

I rushed back to the office for a few minutes of babyhood.

And when I finally located said babies look what I found-


Yup, it’s Laura, trying to disguise herself by being blurry but as you can see she’s at it again-hogging a baby. And look at our baby. Chase has become a giant. Seriously. He was smiling until I started snapping then he clammed up.


So I pried the baby out of her arms (literally, Laura had quite the grip on that thing) and tried to get him to laugh again. He is not having any of it and is staring at Ali’s (his mother) spaghetti. He is his mother’s son.


Ok, still no luck with this baby’s expression, plus we were in some seriously bad lighting.

So I went in search of another baby and handed this on off to Mary, who was more than happy to intercept.


He perked right up after that.

I found Cora over visiting with Sadie


She is either happy or sad-it’s hard to tell with babies. Laura, in the background, is secretly plotting to get a baby back. Angie, Cora’s mother, is the half person on the far right.


Well, Sadie is looking very interested and Cora is looking cute.

So, note to self, next time go in another room where the lighting is better and watch out for baby hoggers!

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