Monday, March 29, 2010

Let the Races Begin

Last weekend I started the racing season with The St. Patrick’s Human Race in St. Paul. It was the perfect day for it. Temp in the 50’s, slight breeze, lots of sun.

Dave and I drove up and got there way early. So we drove around the Highland neighborhood, browsed at Barnes and Noble, checked out the neighborhood, then went back to the University of St. Thomas and parked. We walked up to Subway and got some lunch.

And then it was time to race. This race is on Summit Avenue and is out and back, meaning that we run out and go around a little block and come right past where we started. So…

I got out in the street


And hung around (I realize that although I might not look so bad, I don’t think it’s the best angle for the girl behind me.) I was actually tying to listen to the guy giving directions. But it was hopeless. All I know is the elite male runners were in front of me somewhere. I never actually saw them. Oh, I take that back. I saw them pass me on the turn back to the finish line.


I hung out a little more and shot Dave a little wave.

Then it was time to run-


There I am waving good bye. (I thought I noticed a lot of white legs in the crowd but now I see that my legs are the whitest of all! Jeepers.)

And here I am coming back in


42:54 minutes later, or 8:38 minute miles. Not too bad for a first race. I am still smiling and waving. And I didn’t even feel bad at all during the run. So I really liked it.

This guy won-his name is Christopher Erichsen and he is 24. FYI. (My spell-check says his name is spelled wrong-just sayin’)


In 23:57. He isn’t waving or smiling. However he is running sub 5 minute miles. But is he having fun? Really?

Dave said he heard a bunch of these  red singlet guys (and girls) talking about meeting afterwards to go for a “warmdown run”. Seriously?


Just so you know, I will never be them.


Last week the girls and I went on a work field trip-again. We are all about our trips. This trip was to the Mayo equipment store, where they have all sorts of fun donated stuff to give away, in a huge warehouse.

There were all sorts of volunteers packing up goods for Haiti and other parts of the world. But we found a few things that interested us.

Group with crutches 

We started digging for crutches, walkers and canes. Mary K is in the forefront digging for all she’s worth. I think Kris referred to it as dumpster diving, although technically we weren’t in a dumpster and I think the goods were a cut above dumpster fare.

Mary and Sarah 

Mary found a pod of walkers and off we went.

Cathy and I got happy with a quad cane while Anne had fun with crutches.

Sarah and Cathy

Kris was ecstatic  to push the cart around and Anne snagged a good lookin’ commode chair.


All in all, we made a good haul for our client’s, and had a pretty good time.

Group - Copy

L to R-Cathy, Ann, Kris, Mary K,. I am sitting on a little bath bench.

Ali brought Chase to work last week with the outfit that Laura and I bought for him. Well, Laura picked it out while I offered moral support over the phone.


See the little pea coat? It is so cute.

He gave us all sorts of faces with his little binky.

DSC01209 DSC01210 DSC01208 

He saved his happy face for Ali.


Now that is a cute picture.

Happy Spring!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is here….I hope

This past week or so has been pretty sweet weather-wise. Last week it was almost 60. Then it got a little cool but today was back to the 50’s. And Sunny!

Last week we had a visitor-and I must say it was about time.


Kristin came and brought my little Tater Pie! Otherwise known as Peyton. Kristin was passing by and came in for a visit-probably because she was afraid not to after all the pressure I have been putting on her to bring Payton to see us. And can you see why? Look at how our little Tater is growing up. She is 10 months now.


Still our porcelain girl. And she has quite the personality.


I wish this picture was a little clearer because I really like it.

So anyway, we also had a visit from our resident hawk

DSC01199 - Copy

See up in the tree? Ok, a little closer


There-see him now? It’s a very red tailed bird.

My tickets for the Twins/Mariners game came today. Section 117, Row 12, Seats 7,8,9. I took a picture of my Ichiro bear just because


This weekend March Madness began. And, although they said it was just mediocre, the Pac-10 is in the Sweet 16. So HA! I don’t see Kansas anywhere in there…..Go Huskies!

I finished my tree block, and now BOTM is cancelled until July which aggravates me to no end.


I will try to keep up.

Laura said that on the farm her mom is giving one of the calf’s strawberry flavored pepto-bismal. It is not actually human pepto, but rather calf pepto. I just didn’t know that they made such a product for calves. We thought maybe the flavors would be more like oat, or wheat, or spring grass. Who knew? 

Which just goes to show, you learn something new every day.


Monday, March 15, 2010


I have to say that I have been productive on the weekends lately.

This weekend I went to Block of the Month and found out I am knitting the wrong block! I am knitting the tree block when I should be knitting the church block. In my defense, the church block has a tree in it. I will be done with the tree (without church) block in 3 more rows, and will feature it next week.

I took the quilting BOTM quilt from 2007 to Pine Needles be quilted. After we got home and the usual Saturday chores were done, I worked on the Thimbleberries quilt from last year and by Sunday I had the center blocks done.


Busy, isn’t it?

I really wanted a better picture so I had Dave hold it up.


That will give you a better idea. It is unfortunate that when I get to this stage of the game I sort of quit caring about how things are supposed to go together and if they are even or square or in the right place. As I was putting this together I was vowing that next time the blocks will be the same size. Really.

Also, I didn’t get this picture on the first try. The first picture had this little extra


No, you can’t see it here, but if you look closely…..

DSC01192 - Copy (2)

A little closer


Jazz hands.

Or, how about this



I started to remember why I take the pictures on the floor.

And on a fun note, I also managed to score tickets to the Twins/Mariners game on Sunday August 1st. Expensive, but I think it will be well worth it. In the new outdoor Target field. WooHoo. I hope the day is nice. I won’t know who to root for, but after this many years I know Minnesota better than Seattle. Sad, but true. It will be nice to see Ichiro again though. I hope he is still there playing. Either way, I just want to go to a live, outdoor baseball game.

My seats are in the little dark blue sections-the blue section just above the last yellow section on the left.

Blane, Dave, and I will be in attendance. I hope I can knit, although I usually keep score. I can already taste the hotdogs, fries, and assorted junk food that is the staple of the Sunday afternoon baseball game.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday 2010

Last week was my birthday. I got a ton of good wishes on FaceBook. That was fun. I didn’t know I had so many friends.

I also took a bunch of days off. The annual birthday vacation. I didn’t go anywhere, stayed home and celebrated.

On Wednesday, I had birthday luncheon at HuHot with the girls.


There’s Cathy, Melissa, and Kris.


And here’s me, Mary K, and Laura. (We all know Laura, she’s famous around the blogosphere)

We are fantabulous co-workers.

Cathy, the sweet girl that she is, brought me a cake from Daube’s. The other girls also gave me birthday cards and gift cards to Subway and Pine Needles. WooHoo


That was seriously delicious cake. It weighed about 5 pounds and was chocolate. We all had a piece before we left. I brought the rest home. Didn’t last long. Oh, and Melissa donated some Baklava she made. Oh. My. God. So good. So, so good.

The boys and Dave and I had lunch on Friday, my birthday, at Red Lobster. It’s Lobsterfest you know. Cody gave me a gift card from Pescara (I think that’s the name). It’s a restaurant across the street from Red Lobster. 

Dave and I were very full that night so we had ice cream and cake for dinner.


I got some presents too.


Inside these presents, from Dave, were these gifts.


Electric Tea Kettle (a hit at the office), some massage gift certificates, a Sarah shirt and mug.

Here’s a close up


Can you read it?


Maybe this is better. Either way, Sarah is the correct spelling of the name.


The cat likes it too. And Trixie is keeping an eye on things, even though she would rather be doing this


Or this


Martha sent me some presents too


The spinner book is really good. It is full of information about what makes yarn, why worsted is worsted, what makes animal and fiber yarn, how to prepare yarn for spinning etc etc. I really want to spin. Although I fear another craft……I can now work on getting some classes, maybe even in the cities since winter is getting over and I don’t have to worry about driving there in a blizzard. Of course, it means investing in another expensive tool-a wheel. We’ll see.

So that’s the birthday week. Am back to work. It’s already almost Wednesday. (Technically, it is Wednesday since Tuesday work is done).

I am officially another year older.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Vacation

I’m a little behind on the old blogosaurus here. That’s because I have been busy trying to get everything caught up so I could go on a little mini vacation.

So, right now, this minute I am on vacation. WooHoo!

So, because of the busy-ness, I didn’t get much in the way of news.

I did hear that Cora had a little biting incident but we are just putting that behind us…

Ali was sick today and she called me (I worked this morning) and I got to talk to Chase for a minute. He was in the best mood. I was cracking up. He was standing up all by himself. I am a little peeved at Ali as I don’t have any new pictures…..However, new pictures of Morgan are on the way and they are really, really cute.  Yasmeen sent me some pictures of Raize like a dope I didn’t send them to this computer. She is 5 months old now and looking pretty dang adorable! Crikey.

Grampa sent me a couple of pictures


He says that is a Flicker. Whatever that is. Good picture though.

But mostly he sends me pictures like this


Or this (do not adjust your picture-he is upside down)


Which tells me that Grampa has a bit of a squirrel infestation problem.

Laura finally went out to the farm but her camera had a little battery issue and only got one picture.


I think that is the perfect “Spot” but that is not his (her?) name. The other one is PeeWee I believe. And still no picture of our Twinkles. This is a very difficult task for Laura so I can’t complain about only getting one picture. I need to be happy for what I get (as Laura said in the e-mail-“Happy Now?”). Although I’d be happier for more pictures. Enough said.

Besides, there is no water at the farm today which is stressing us out. (Um, is it starting to sound like it’s MY farm? I am sensing an emotional attachment forming)

I finished everything but the border for the Block of the Month of 2008.


Not taking a close up because the panels don’t line up well at all. Trust me. But the cat once again got in on it.



She is carrying this thing all over the house


See it on the floor?

Here it is, close up on the ottoman


At first we thought perhaps the dogs had actually taken an interest in this toy, but no, it is that cat. She carries it all over. This week she has taken an interest in putting it on the bed. She carries it on the fuzzy end sticking straight out. Weird. I only know this because I saw her when she thought I wasn’t looking. If I look then she pretends she has never seen it before in her life.

Say, did I ever show the pictures of Blane and the little dog?



I loved that little dog. I think her name is Callie. It belongs to Blane’s former room mate. I just found the pictures and thought I’d throw them in.

Ok, back to finishing. I also finished a couple of blocks for the Great American Aran Afgan (GAAA-it knits up just as it sounds)


I like that one. This one, not so much.


I call it the alien genital block. Sorry, but it’s just one too many bobbles.


You know you agree.

Lastly, the hawks are back outside our window up in the tree. Mr. and Mrs.


See ‘em? Ok, here they are a little closer.


Gotta love the office with windows.

Ok. Off to enjoy some more vacation. Bring it!