Thursday, October 30, 2008

At Long Last, Retreat

Yippee, This weekend is quilt retreat and I am going here--------------------------------------------------------------

This is Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center. We had retreat there last year and it was wonderful, beautiful and the most fun. I also came home with 6000 dollars worth of Bernina 730 Sewing Machine. Holy Cow.

But I love it and don't regret it, except when I am still paying it off after a year, and have 2 years to go. But it is a great thing. So this year I get to take it to Retreat and sew to my hearts content. Last year we had very nice weather, but not so sure about this year.

Here is our group from last year. When I get back, I'll post the pics from this year.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I got a picture of the screaming bird. It isn't such a great picture as I had to use a flash. We had the blinds down to create a man cave for football.

But here he is. His name is Pete and he screams really really loudly.

Sometimes if I give him a treat he will quit his screaming, but I am worried he is figuring out that screaming will bring a treat.

Really, that bird is smarter than us.

Here are the two little sweet birds, Pancho and Lefty. Lefty is the grey one in front. They are very sweet and have nice little songs.

And those are the birds!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spaced Out

Well, here's the thing.
Don't you just love Monk? He always says-Here's the thing...
Although I liked Sharona better than Natalie. But I am getting to like Natalie more as time goes by-but that is not the thing.

Here's the thing.

I was in graduate school from May until the end of September. I was miserable, cranky, and always preoccupied with how I was going to get anything done. So I withdrew and am much happier.
Today I balanced my checkbook after 2 months-bad of me but who had time?
I made 3 major errors and forgot to write down a transaction costing me $100! That hasn't happed since I was 20 and didn't think balancing the check book meant squat.
I blame it on being completely mad over the stress known as graduate school.

And that is the thing.

And by the way, I finished Angie's baby hat and am now doing Ali's baby hat. Will start cutting their quilts this weekend. Pictures to follow.
I still haven't forgotten about the screaming bird pictures-that is to follow too.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Sister's Visit

Well, last Wednesday my sister arrived for a visit. I had the camera out the whole time and did not take one single picture. But I can tell you where we went.

We started out and went to Kristen's Knits. And it was closed! I couldn't believe it. So on we went to Fleet Farm. There is a brand new one in Rochester, very pretty. Especially if you are a Fleet Farm fanatic.

After that we went to Pine Needles in Racine, then down to Cresco to the other Pine Needles. We bought a few things-I needed new blades and my sister bought fat quarters and a pattern. We were getting hungry so we went to Decorah, looking for this knitting shop. It was a very cool place. I didn't realize that downtown Decorah was so much fun.

We ate lunch here. Man was it ever cool. Who knew there was such a place in Decorah Iowa? I had the best cup of tea ever. I think I may have to place an order.

Then we drove back to Kristen's-she was still closed. Dang.

So we came home and made cookies, ate dinner and knitted for the rest of the evening while watching ER.

The next day my sister, whose name is Martha, came by my office and met my coworkers, and finally got to shop at Kristen's.

And that is my sister's visit.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Yesterday I started on the first block of the new BOTM at Racine Pine Needles. First of all there was some paper piecing. Well, I didn't have enough fabric for that technique. Only I discovered this AFTER I made two of the pieced squares. Oh well. I sort of pieced some scraps together and you can't tell too much.
Then I put together all the blocks. Now I don't know why I didn't notice but there's a little problem in my block....

Do you see the problem? Not only that but when I took the picture the cat walked right under the camera and that is the furry blob on the left. Here's what the ooops block looks like without the cat

Ok, so there is a minor error but it can be fixed by ripping out a row and then the little block and putting the little block back in and sewing the row and matching the seams. They really were pretty well matched there.
And how does one miss that? I had them all laid out. I just don't know. Supposedly Dave says he noticed it right away but was so interested in the colors and the theme he didn't say anything. Hmmmm.

Ok, now I am good to go. I am not sure it is matched up as well but I am sick of doing it now! It took a couple of sewing and ripping of rows before it became whole.

On to block 2 next month.
This is the Wildflower Sampler from Possibilties by Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Block of the Month

Yesterday was block of the month at Kristen's Knits. She moved into a little shop on 2nd and 6th now. I love the blocks! I do a quilt BOTM at Pine Needles in Racine too. I have to recommend the BOTM's because you learn so much from them.

Our BOTM from Kristins is from the Great American Afghan book, from which I posted a picture of a block a week or so ago.

And when I was looking for this image I found the Corrections and clarifications! Imagine my surprise.
We are finishing this up and next month we start the Great American Aran Afgan. I did this one in various colors but the Aran I will stick with lighter colors to show the pattern.
Can't wait to cast on.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pictures of the Race

Today I uploaded pictures of the race. Dave was supposed to take one of me finishing. I was running and waving and smiling the whole time I passed him and this is what I got:

That is me in the orange, about third back, behind the green girl. I felt really good but appear to be dying in the picture. Just once I wish he could get a good one.

In the hotel I brought a few knitting projects and spread them on the bed.

My water is right there too. Dave sat on the chair

And that was my weekend.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back again

I ran the Twin Cities 10-10 years of 10 miles. It felt wonderful. I ran and did not stop the whole way. I was well hydrated so didn't need water. It was helpful that it was cool-otherwise that would be foolish.

I took pictures of our hotel room with my projects spread out on the bed. And Dave took pictures of me finishing. So I'll post them tomorrow or so.

I never saw my friends-Kari was busy with a pub crawl (I am so jealous) and about 3 minutes after I finished it started to pour down rain. It was a cool rain so I had to get to the car and change or I'd be too cold. Oh well, I'll send her a note tomorrow and ask if she survived being a spectator in the downpour!

I love it when a race goes so well and the miles just disappear behind me.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fuzzy is 18

Fuzzy the cat is 18! She was born on my son Blane's bed when he was 5. He will be 24 next month. She is senile and gets lost in the house. She ends up crying her lungs out. Poor crazy cat.
I forgot, I was going to post a picture of the screaming parrot. I still don't have one. Soon. He is screaming right now, but I think he is voicing an opinion on the vice presidential debates.
I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. I have to take CPR in the AM and paper, paper, paper in the afternoon. Then home to pack for the Twin Cities 10.
I hope to see my good friend Kari and meet up with my other friend Kathy. I'll try to get some good pictures while I am there.
And maybe visit The Yarnery!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Urban Marathon

It's time for the TC 10. I didn't get in last year, this is from the year before. It was very hot last year and runners were dropping right and left.

This year it will be cool and I can't wait to go! I have yet to run it on a bad day though. Always been sunny and bright in the Twin Cities.

Here's the link: if you'd like to go there.

Also great is the fact I can go and spend the night in a hotel without my screaming parrot and annoying cat who keeps getting up here and head butting me.

Pictures to follow.

Am almost finished with my GAA block #19. Next is 23. I am going to cast on some baby hats for my co workers and finish up my BOTM quilt top. Pictures of those to follow too.

Today was a pretty good day.