Sunday, July 3, 2016

Manic Phase Completed

Well, much has happened in the last couple of weeks. Or maybe it was the whole month of June. No—cause I’ve blogged since the beginning of June. I guess I was just getting warmed up, what with travelling, running, and checking out the new babies.

I had the chance to check out that baby again at a baby shower just the following week after I wrote that blog.


There she is, all dressed up. AND I gave her a book, Good Dog Carl


Only one of the all time best books ever. Cause that Carl knows what he’s doing. Plus, there’s only about 10 words to the whole thing. Win-win.

After that, I decided that things needed to be amped up, and amped up they were.

I went to get my hair died because Angie has shamed me into never going gray. At least not for the next 10 working years. So I just cut it off instead. Well, I didn’t, Jonele did.


Terrible pictures--but I do have short hair. Ever so much easier. Takes minutes to dry. After wearing my hair in a ponytail for that last year it was obvious I needed shorter hair.


Someday maybe I’ll get a good picture but it’s doubtful at this juncture.

We had visitors that week too—for a whole week.


Yep, there’s Cody and Kloi (pronounced Chloe which reappears later)


Puddy didn’t really care but……


this beast has shown nothing but disdain by peeing in the bathroom and stinking up the whole downstairs. He’s 16 and shows no signs of slowing down. He’s going to be with us forever. We don’t feel very happy about Happy.

Oh, and did I mention we had a 13th wedding anniversary in there somewhere?

IMG_2024This is what we look like after a work week. Yikes.

And because I lasted 4 whole months without one, I decided it was high time for me to get the dog I swore I wouldn’t get till retirement. (And I sort of wanted to piss Happy off a little more)

This is the baby--Three weeks ago--




And now.


Completely Adorbs.

She’s a tri color springer. And since I’ve had an Alex and then a Beta, we needed a C name. We thought Cora but Angie has a Cora, and then Cammy, but that didn’t fit. Then when I went to pick her up the name they had given her was Chloe. And Chloe it is.

Of course, Blane and Melanie have a Chloe spelled Kloi. And a Cody. Melanie thought it was pretty hilarious that we seem to just recycle names now. Sigh.

So, now that we’ve made changes throughout the household that affect everyone, including the cats, it’s time to enjoy the rest of the summer. Nothing on the agenda till September so far. Trying to keep it that way.

But then again, you just never know.


I saw this car twice yesterday--


A Seahawk fan from Delaware driving the mean streets of Rochester Minnesota. Who knew?