Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Retreat, Race, and Gotta Go

Whee, it’s been a whirlwind of fun and games around here. Every weekend has been packed. I’m taking a class that I have to keep up with. Work has been busy. I guess I sort of like that. In a way. It makes vacation so much more rewarding.

Since last time I ran a race called Women Run the Cities with my friend Mary Bronk. It’s our yearly girls weekend in the cities and we stayed up by the Mall and did a little shopping. Although I didn’t buy one thing!! AND I didn’t take any pictures. Jeepers. I did get a shot of the shirt--

IMG_1505 Nice Swag

So, since last time the next big thing was Retreat at Eagle Bluff. It’s my most favorite time of the year. My best friends are all there, Marcia, Suzie, Connie and her sister. I love to see them all and sew and sew.

I was working on my Paradise in Blooms--

DSC01160 IMG_1523 IMG_1532

That is the appliqué part which is merely a small amount of what is going to be a huge quilt. I got a bunch of border done today. I am almost to the last and final borders. Jeepers. I was also working on my double wedding ring. I vow to have both done my Christmas.

The weather was beautiful. A little cool but not bad. I had some super nice walks with Suzie and Marcia and one by myself.

IMG_1533 Morning Fog in the Valley

DSC01163 Leaves Falling on the Trail

DSC01165 Sun in the Trees.

And this weird little tableau I found in the woods….

DSC01173 (2)


It was wooden figures dressed up. Spooky.

Inside lotsa sewing going on--

 IMG_1528 (2)IMG_1527

 IMG_1526Ready to sew

It was the best. Really. I wish it could go on longer….and I‘m already waiting for next year.

The weekend after retreat I ran another 10 K called Nerland Big Woods Run. It was partially a trail race. The weather was very nice-but very windy.

Very Very Windy. I’d never run this race before. I ran pretty quick for a trail race so I was happy about that.

20151010_100318 Big Woods and Big Church.

They had a delicious bake sale and we bought some delish baked goods. Then Lil Puss decided to chew through the plastic and munch down on a couple of them. Jeesh.

IMG_1499 No. I. didn’t.

The NEXT weekend we drove down to St. Louis for the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon.

Gosh, it was so fun. I’d never been there before and I found it very fab. I went with my friends Cathy and Tiffini and their families. And Dave too. However, I did not get one group shot. I am really slipping. Really.

I got a group pic of Cathy and her girls—they ran the 5K on Saturday.


And their finishes--

Ellie and Cathy Ellie beating Cathy!

Anna’s finish--

Anna Finish

Oh, and our group at the Expo

IMG_1555 (2) Don’t ask.

Tiff and the hydrant


Me and the Sumo


And my bud Big Boy


We get a little strange when we are out of town. What happened in Vegas is still staying in Vegas. Just saying.

St Louis had lotsa cool stuff though--

DSC01184DSC01177  DSC01190  DSC01193 DSC01194 DSC01205 DSC01191DSC01209 DSC01211 DSC01215 DSC01195DSC01216  DSC01206


And that’s not all of it. I loved that town. I saw my niece and her girl Kim-and of course, no picture. I’m ashamed of my blog skills right now.

Sunday we ran---we did get that--


The after show was Eric Hutchinson. Man he was good. Tiff’s daughter got a little video of him and her picture and an autograph. I was busy VIPing in the special tent. Oh, and getting a massage.


Really, one of the best RnR concerts yet.

Oh, and the music the day before was pretty good too.


Made me wanna dance.

We got home yesterday, Monday, and Dave and I are taking a couple of days off at home. Laura, bless her heart, took care of Biscuit and of Beta and we owe her a LOT. (Beta had one of his head shaking fits, fell down, AND pooped in the house…and yet she still said he was good-what goes on over there that THAT is considered good??) Anyway, once again my blog muse comes through.

No one was worse for the wear. Except maybe us.

IMG_1537 (2) IMG_1542 (2) I’m so tired. 

IMG_1550 (2)Thinking of the next thing…….

Next weekend I’m off to Tacoma and to see Cody in SoCal—Carlsbad. Checking out our venue for San Diego RnR relay next June.

Then—off to Tulsa to see my old old friend Machelle who I haven’t seen in 20 years. It’s going to be EPIC. (Oh, and we are running the Route 66 half.

Get ready. At least when I get to Tulsa I’ll be on a school break. Then home till Stitches in Feb. At least I think so.

I have to say the common theme in all my trips and fun has been the amazing time I’ve been having with my friends. There is nothing better. Except for maybe a cat. Sometimes.

IMG_1545 Really, you call this work?