Monday, June 8, 2009

Pine Needles-Decorah Iowa


Listen up people-

Pine Needles (how many times do I have to say it-my fave quilt store-ok, my only quilt store but still…..) has opened today in Decorah Iowa.

After 2 weeks of moving they are opening to rave reviews. Well, rave review-that would be me. I am sure other raves will be coming in soon.

So look-here we go-


That is a mannequin out there in the pink on the very left hand side of the picture. Just to give you an example of how fun this town is.


They saved me a parking spot right in front. Why my car looks blue is another trick of Microsoft Live Writer. But the store looks just like that. It is very bright and roomy-but don’t take my word for it, check out the pics-

I was very surprised to learn that all the stuff from the old store fit into the new store. It seems like there should be more stuff, but I guess it is just because the store is so spacious.


See what I mean?


They still keep Darwin locked up in his repair room. Some things never change.





Pine needles is now the APQS dealer. I am kinda wanting this thing. I have tried to walk out without paying before but I think they’d notice this.


        DSC00244 Look at all the room. And check out the Bernina swag. If you can call it swag. I entered to win this machine again. You’d think those girls over there would hook me up with the winning entry.


I already own two of these babies. I can’t say enough good things about them.

But wait-look at this----

      DSC00238 Here are the girls. Notice how Connie and Marsha ignore me? Thank you Suzie. Actually, Connie never ever lets us take her picture but look what I got today-



Ta-daaaa! Connie is actually smiling and not hiding from me but wait-look at THIS-


They are all smiling at the camera-it’s a first.

They have all been very good to me and treat me like family. They sign me up for classes and retreats (usually) first. They always act happy to see me. They make me laugh and tell me my quilts are beautiful. It is more than customer service and I really appreciate it. I wish all businesses could be like this one.

So congratulations on the new store-here’s to many more happy years (and one new long-arm) together.

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