Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Fourth of July

The fourth of July happened this weekend. It was a pretty good one. I spent most of Friday cleaning up for the family gathering next weekend. Like the house will stay clean that long, but I am giving it a good try. I don’t think we will accumulate 3 months worth of dust by then, like we had before I started cleaning.

By the evening we were ready for a little R&R. We decided to relax on the deck. With the zoo. Which seems to follow us where ever we go.


Here’s what we were looking at. Much greener than the last picture I posted on the blog, which was a brown spring picture.

My view, however, was soon obscured.


Hard to enjoy the scenery with this staring at you. I went out and got some catnip from the garden for a little cat fun.



I thought maybe it would clear my view but, no, still blocked.


Only now she’s ignoring me.

I actually picked up Kitten and brought her out. Very scary.  She is trying to be hidden behind plastic see-through chairs. She has an issue about thinking no one can see here when she is out in plain sight. I suppose a cat brain is only about as big as a large grape…


Beta posed again. He’s so good at it. Again, he thinks he’s pretty smart but he’s really wondering if he will be able to lick the grease off the barbeque later.


Dave was enjoying himself.  I think. Either that or was having some sort of reaction to the beers he was drinking.


He was master of his domain.


On Saturday Dave painted all day (boring). I did nothing. It was a holiday after all.

We have the perfect fireworks view. Let me tell you, taking pictures of fireworks is very tricky. Especially with a little one shot camera.

I got quite a few like this


Timing is everything and could the neighbors please turn off their lights?

OK, after some practice I got these



Timing is everything.


I also took some of the full moon

DSC00351 DSC00355

Which also took some doing since the moon is behind clouds.


There-you can barely see it but it’s there.

And that was the Fourth of July.

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