Saturday, November 12, 2016

Well, I did NOT see THAT coming………..sigh

I’m not sure I’m getting out of this year unscathed. I’ve tried, assuredly I’ve tried.

Let’s recap-It’s been almost a year since we lost Grampa, 9 months since we lost Beta, and 9 months since I started a new job which took 3 months of daily self talk to get out the door and to my desk.

IMG_2058My office, aka the Closet. Picture taken from my desk. Yes, that’s three other desks. In addition to mine.

I have been going to school non stop, we got a puppy and then sold a puppy (to a family that loves her and has the energy to keep her happy)

I miss her a ton


But she’s so much better off there----

IMG_4462Chloe having fun with her new family

We got Happy, and Happy wasn’t happy

IMG_2051Ruined carpet. If only this blog could include smell.


IMG_1845Happy gets off the airplane…..

and takes over the house

IMG_2074No problem Happy, you’re welcome to my food.

Then the politics and the election.

And here we are. I do have to say this though. I saw a lot of posts on social media that were racially motivated, bigoted, horrifyingly untrue. I refrained, for the most part, in participating in the rhetoric, however, I did get sucked in to a few posts by refuting the untruths with the facts. Some things just can’t be left alone. And now I read these same people saying Let’s heal, let’s come together, it’s a new start. Nope. Here’s what I think. I think that if you posted lies and hatred then my opinion of you is forever changed. If you perpetuated rumors and hatemongering without first fact checking your information then that’s the type of person you are. If you are going to talk that talk, then you will forever be walking that walk with me. The consequences for spreading evil are that I will always see you as a person who can’t be trusted. I hear all the talk about letting it go, it was just politics. So I’m letting it go. But I’m moving on without those who thought that taking words out of context, posting lies, and being mean was the right thing to do. Cause it’s not. Ever.

Rant over.

But really?—there had to be some good things that happened over the year. So I’m going to end my blog on a high note---

Funniest photobomb ever on a bus to a fabulous Seahawk win.


We were all here for Christmas


Stitches Happened—ahhhhh, sweet Stitches. We are set for 2017.


I spent my birthday and Melanie’s birthday up in the Forks.





Laura took a boat ride in Australia (ok, not me but this picture kills me as Laura is totally the only one waving at the camera)

Laura in the Boat

I ran with my friends—lotsa runs with my friends

Hot chocIMG_1615



Women run the citiesRagnar Van


our Ragnar Team

Went to Hawaii with Dave and Blane and Melanie

IMG_3639The got engaged there!

IMG_3525Blane and Melanie

Met some babies


I saw my wonderful friend Kari whom I haven’t seen for years


Booked a trip to Ireland with Laura (Ireland—you’re on notice)



Cut my hair off


Julie came to visit—yayayayay.

Julie visit

And I still have these guys………


So, when you look at it that way, the good must have outweighed the bad. And there were some laughs in there—some serious laughs

Selfies gone wrong


and there’s always Dave…..


This helps too--



What does it say about us that our name is on Insight Brewing Wall of Fame?


Yeah, that.

So looking at it as a whole there were some seriously good times.

And I ended up, just last weekend, at Vogue Knitting Live


Seaming class


AND—the knitted presidents and this year’s candidates



IMG_2162Who knew James Buchanan had an eagle AND an elephant???

I’m still with her


So, see? Things can’t be that bad. I keep telling myself.

As Aaron Rodgers says

Image result for aaron rodgers relax meme

(Seriously Aaron, having a hard time with the losses lately, but point taken)

We all got this.

Next week—to Oklahoma to see my friend Machelle and spending some serious talk time. Because we can.

The places I’ve been…….

Mount Marathon

“These bruises make for better conversation
Loses the vibe that separates
It's good to let you in again
You're not alone in how you've been
Everybody loses, We all got bruises”