Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Well, Christmas has past and it really was a fine Christmas, if I can judge by the amount of beer and food consumed.

Dave got an early Christmas present in a new phone and VR glasses--


The first time I wore them for a while it made me a wee bit nauseated. They gave Laura a headache. I guess it’s either a guy thing or something you have to get used to…..I have yet to find something that’s really fun to play or watch.


We prepared for a white Christmas.

PreChristmas , after it was up for a week,  we put the ornaments on the tree and decorated the house a bit---



The cat hut got some Christmas love


And no Christmas is complete without Thing One


I’m not sure I’d decorate in such a manner but Dave loves a tree. And once you’ve committed to a tree then you may as well go for it all.

We also put up some new lighting which we do love-a lot

IMG_0048Sort of dark but it’s a new light fixture, really.

IMG_0049Old fixture with lights shining in our face

IMG_0052New ambient lighting

I think people are going to have to come see the ambiance in person to appreciate the changes.

Blane and Melanie showed up on Christmas Morning. They outran the storms and made it just in time before the the hiway closed.

Blane got some sweet Seattle gear.



IMG_3682Save our Sonics……

Melanie hid for the picture—she also has some Hawks gear on. Too bad Seattle couldn’t win the game on Saturday……


Dave and I did a practice selfie


He has shorts on. I’m wearing the rest of the layers he should be wearing. AND I’m also wearing a Sonics Sweatshirt.

The cats enjoyed their day relaxing and getting jacked up on catnip


Puddy showed the world why we can’t have nice things. She was pretty stoked about snapping the antlers off our stocking holder

IMG_0057Damn I’m good.

After a day of nonstop eating (well, Blane and Melanie had a bit of a nap since they’d been up driving since about 4 AM) we had a huge dinner and the required Christmas portrait. And in our usual fashion, it was NOT a one take session.

Not quite…..


No, no, and all the nopes


And the winner is…..


Again, I’m laughing way too hard but after this no one would sit anymore.

So—Hope the holidays was everything everyone wanted it to be.



On to 2017.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

November-no wait—December

What the heck happened to November?? I’m sure it was here for at least a month.

I finished up another class, and have now started Finance. The good thing about this class is the assignments are spreadsheets. Yes, math I can do. Papers? Not so much. I am struggling with motivation to keep going, that’s for sure. But after this only three classes left. I met with my potential preceptor for my final practicum. I think it will start next November. That should give me some time to think about things. We discussed potential projects. The good thing about Mayo is they do encourage this kind of thing. But ugh. There’s a 45 page instruction manual. That says it all.

I went to Oklahoma right before Thanksgiving to run my second annual Route 66 half marathon in Tulsa with my good friend Machelle. It wasn’t quite as cold as last year, not as much wind, and lots of sun. I took an insane amount of ibuprofen so my knee didn’t hurt at all. I stopped and went to the bathroom at mile 5—the diuretic effect of coffee. I don’t usually do that but it sure gave me a boost of energy! I finished in 2:06 and for not training much it was a great finish for me.  I always have such a wonderful time at Machelle’s. She has a cute house in the country, quite and peaceful and lots of stars.

The day before we went to the expo and had pre race hydration


Getting ready to start in the car…


and our new friend photobombing us at the start line.


Bad selfie at the finish line!

IMG_2192Yay I’m done!

After the race we took a drive to see her little lake house. It’s also very cute and for sale. She doesn’t use it much anymore so she’s fixed it all up and it would be happier with more company.


Oklahoma is still in the fall colors-here’s the view from her house-


The drive was beautiful







I seem to have lost my little camera so these are all from my phone. Dang it. I know it’s somewhere here…Waiting for it to show up in the most obvious place.

I got home the next day (the drive is long, but sunny and I listened to a book on CD)

Blane came down for Thanksgiving. His birthday was the 17th and I was hoping his present would show up-since I had ordered it over a month before. But no—it came the day after he left….


I’ll wrap them for Christmas I guess.

I’m doing a 4 part Christmas (idea from a coworker, or someone…)

One thing you want

One thing you need

One thing to wear

One thing to read

For the most part. It makes it a little easier I guess. I would like to add one thing to drink, but maybe not appropriate.

Yesterday was my day off so I did homework and I broke the sliding glass door lock


Who knew I could sheer the steel off the mechanism. At least it’s the deck door so it’s unlikely anyone will shimmy up the post to gain entry. I did put the bar up in the door frame-just in case.

So, tonight is Lorie Line Christmas Concert.  It’s an annual tradition but  very early this year. Next Thursday is Snap Judgement Live in the cities. I can’t wait to see that as it’s one of my favorite podcasts.

Maybe my camera will show up for that event. My fitbit came back so maybe there’s hope…..


IMG_0001The cat responsible for my breaking the lock….

Finally, Happy and Jack…an uneasy truce.