Saturday, June 13, 2009

Keeping up with the Joneses

I am blogging like a mad woman trying to catch up because the Maine trip and everything surrounding it took up so much time.

So, lest my Racine peeps feel left out I still love them.

I was there last month for a little embroidery soiree.

Look at what the girls are up to.




Aren’t they talented? This is what I did

DSC00263 DSC00263 (2)

And this


But my favorite is this


I really like this one. They can get rather busy but I like the colors and design on this block.

I also did a few of these, some of which may have already had blog time.

DSC00267 DSC00266

So my picture taking was soon interrupted.


This is not conducive to photography

I also finished a couple of socks, although not a matching set.

DSC00271 DSC00270

On the left is the first RSC beaded sock .

Other pets were present and accounted for during the AM photography shoot


Elvin (aka Yeltsin) had some exercise going on.


Poncho was working the computer


And this bad bad bad dog is still exhausted from her early (6 AM) excursion over hill and dale yesterday. She had Kipper next door howling and me walking the fence line looking for her. One can’t very well be screaming for the dog at that early hour. She was barking and baying like there was no tomorrow. She had her collar on which means that something got her so excited that she jumped the electric fence (ouch) to go track it. Bad Dog. I have a feeling she doesn’t care and is dreaming of doing it again soon.

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