Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rock and Roll

Last week was a bit of a big week.

Firstly, on the 21st, it was Dave and my 10th wedding anniversary.


Yep, there we are, over the top. 10 years ago on the Solistice in Winona MN.

I’d put a “now” picture up here but, funny, I don’t have one. Hmmm. Well, maybe coming up in the next few days-I plan to do some things to celebrate this weekend. Because last weekend, when the anniversary and the solstice and the super moon and the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop was going on, I was a little busy doing a thing called….

Rock and Roll.

Started on Wednesday when I went to the airport to pick up Cathy and Tiffini, flying all the way from Minneapolis, MN.

IMG_0300 Me-

waiting in the cell phone lot. It’s a little creepy there, but not to worry. I survived.

And so started 4 days of non stop going. (Well, at least 3 days, on the 4th day we rested a while)

Thursday saw us at the Tacoma Farmers market buying fresh local produce-and a really cool vase that hangs on the wall, holding my 5 dollar bunch of flowers.

IMG_0302 See it on the wall?


Then off to the waterfront for the first of many seafood dishes eaten at fine restaurants.


It was a little grey and blustery out-seems they brought the MN weather with them as it hadn’t rained in a while before they arrived. And yes, that is Cathy’s large wine goblet in the front (Tiff is artfully hiding her Mojito)

We hung out back at the house, had a little more wine, and then the next day was off to Seattle for the start of Rock and Roll, among other things.

We started at the Century Link field for the Expo. Sweet.


I explained the inner workings of the Seahawks to Cathy-



I bought a new running skirt….

distance athletic skirt

That is not me modeling it, in case you were impressed by my tight figure. But it doesn’t look bad on me-just not quite this airbrushed good. I like it.

I took a picture of this and sent it to my friend Jeff because we worked for someone named Yogini and she was completely Nutti.


We went to the Pike Place Market to the fish store (but they don’t throw the fish anymore) and down the marketplace. Again impressed by the fruit and flowers. I love the market, but usually in the middle of the week in about October. Still, it was fun.

We posed in front of the original Starbucks-


See it back there to the right (in little letters)-the line was ridiculous. Everyone wants an original Starbucks. Whoa. We do love our caffeine.

And there was this on top of the building-


As the Bloggess would say-Lean into the Weird. We ate at the market too. Second of our seafood meals.

We walked along the streets of Seattle and saw some interesting things. Tiff had a little thing with a kilt……


It’s hard to explain…..

And we stopped at the waterfall garden-birthplace of United Parcel Service.

What can Brown do for you?


Who knew they could do this?

We had to leave at 3 to get back (traffic, Friday, I-5, Seattle-it is what it is). Plus we had dinner at the Country Club with G-pa at 6-3rd of our meals out.

However, we did have time to stop at one more market.


I’d say, here in my hometown, there is a Farmer’s Market for everybody.

Saturday came and we got up early because it was time to

Rock and Roll!!

The pictures of us together are still on the Rock and Roll Website which is here- Click on the link, then go to results, 1/2 marathon, search my name, click on my name, then look at my photos. You’ll see a bunch of us together which are great, and some of me alone-which are not so much.

After the race, though, we did get this shot-

RnR 2

No, I did not run in my jeans-I told you I ran in my new skirt. I changed so we could go out to lunch, again.

In the back ground is Hot Chelle Rae. A band I was only vaguely familiar with but who were pretty good.


Although they were off to tour with Justin Bieber, which knocked them down a peg or two in my book. Cause ewwww, Justin Bieber. But maybe they don’t have to socialize.

After this, we walked over and had lunch at the Space Needle. It was delish, but spendy and I’ve had better. But it’s the Space Needle. I’m such a tourist-I love it up there.

Space Needle

Yikes, my hair. I think we look a little like 13.1 miles of road. But still, it’s the Space Needle and who cares. The day was really nice.


We could see runners still on the course after 5 hours. Which is why I don’t run marathons. Although I can be done in 4 1/2. Still. I’d rather be watching from up here than running it down there.


That’s a big pond.

We managed to make it home in time to have some steamed clams and a few (plus some) beers for me. They were delicious.

Sunday, a tired day and a sitting around day. Except for a short trip to Point Defiance, Owens Beach-


DSC00252 DSC00257

We rested up the rest of the afternoon, after hitting the veggie stores for fresh produce.

And Monday, off they flew back to the drippy humid weather. I miss having my peeps here.

But you gotta go back to the everyday world.

Bye Bye Girls-see ya at Ragnar, only a little while away…..


Monday, June 17, 2013

6 Months Ago

It was 6 months ago this weekend that we were driving Dave out here-

 IMG_1302 IMG_1303


That was quite something. and now here it is summertime.

But I don’t have any great summertime pictures.

Actually, the past two weeks I don’t have many pictures at all. Sad, but true. And I thought I had a couple of old pictures to put up on Facebook and when I went to get them off my USB stick-GONE.

That is so maddening.

But this week my friend Cathy is coming to run the Seattle Rock and Roll-


I know, I should have a better picture but this is a running picture so I thought it appropriate.

Our friend Tiffany is coming too-

And I can’t find one good picture of her. I should have at least one from Ragnar. Jeesh. But I promise to have many by this time next week. Promise.

So that should be way more exciting than this.

We did get up to Edmonds this weekend for Father’s Day.

We went to the Edmond’s Art Fair. Crowded and not one picture. I even made Dave bring the camera. Say what?

Then to Martha’s house for dinner, which was delish, by the way. Grilled salmon, fresh asparagus, corn, tomatoes, salad, and breads. Then brownies for dessert. Holy Cow.

I took a  few pictures there-

Big Cedars


Katie Talking to Grampa


Us cooking-(Dave took these…..I thought maybe there might be a group shot….but no)

IMG_1609 IMG_1605 IMG_1606 IMG_1608

But, for Father’s day? Not one picture of Grampa. I know, right?

But it was a good day. And that’s what counts.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Still Strolling Down Memory Lane

There is a new project emerging over at the G-pa’s now. It’s called going through a zillion slide to organize, scan and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. For example, the bazillion slides of cutting down trees in the forest? Not so much. But the slides of how cute I was as a baby? Priceless-


And also a wee bit pudgy. But am I not rocking the mohawk?



My poor cousin Jane Ann, lumbering under the weight of supporting my massive baby bulk. That would be from left, my Aunt Jane holding my cousin David, then, cut off, my cousin Lloyde behing me and Jane Ann, then Grandma Kalahan, and my two sisters, Debbie and Martha, and cut off again is Grampa Kalahan. I think, though, in the slide they aren’t really cut off, so not sure why they scanned that way. But as long as I am visible, well, that’s what’s important isn’t it?

However, many of the pictures we looked at yesterday were of my sisters, because they are quite old were born first and had a LOT more years of pictures taken.





My favorites are the beach series though-

img145 img143

The top ones are in Oregon (Coos Bay) and below we think is in Washington.


Sigh. And then Mother, with an unidentified friend-


And a few years later, with Hunter (aka Buntie), the dog who loved only her…..


(Oh and by the way, I believe I just used that Cuisinart yesterday)

In current news-

I ran a trail race yesterday. Believe me-it was almost all mental-me telling myself I can keep going, I can keep going. I forgot that hills on a trail are much steeper and more abrupt than the slow slog on the road. But finished strong and in under an hour (by 20 seconds but still…..) So happy about the whole thing.


I put this one in because that girl in front of me? Came out of no where at the finish line to pass me. Really? That’s the thing about grass, you can’t hear them coming.

Before the race, Dave got all distracted by what he referred to as a “tree hole”-

Me-what are you looking at?

Dave-that tree has a hole in it.

Me-what the hell are you looking at now?

Dave-the tree. it. has. a. hole. in. it. That’s a tree hole.

Me-oh god.


DSC00219 - Copy

I mean, really? The thing is, we were at least 50 feet from this and there were lots of people around and it was almost race time and this is what we are doing. And it’s not really all that impressive of an opening. (I almost titled this post Shut your tree hole, but decided on tact instead of juvenility-a word, by the way, that passes spell check)

The day before, Saturday, the nice and sunny day, not the misty cooler day, we drove out to Gig Harbor to get my race packet. The town was packed due to some sort of events going on (people dressed as pirates and children with musical instruments and cars on narrow streets-there were things going on there). I suggested we come back on a less busy day. Dave was very impressed.

Me-God it’s so busy here. Want to park some where and walk into town?

Dave-Not really, but I would like to come back on a less busy day and get my Gig on.

Me-We are leaving now.


Crossing over to the other side…….


On Friday at the Valencia across the street they decided to spruce up the curb with a little weed whacking and edge trimming-

IMG_1588 - Copy

Because weed whacking and edge trimming should always be done in heels and very tight pants.

And not for the squeamish but because I want to-Yeltsin had her shoulder cleaned up. She had an abscess that wouldn’t go away so we had to take her in. She was NOT happy, but feels better now.


Oh, I guess it’s not that bad. Darn it. Thought I could spice up the blog with gore.

And another week over. Jeesh but they are flying by. The weekends especially. Still playing the Powerball like there is no tomorrow. Please let me win so I can retire, please oh please oh please.

I guess I better just get used to working…