Sunday, October 23, 2016

We’re Baaaack!

Well, that was a trip. And I mean that literally.

But before I get into that, Cathy and I ran Women Run the Cities the last week of September. I thought I’d captured that event here but apparently I have not. So, here we are--

Women run the cities

Yep—it was pouring down rain before the start, but then it slowed down and it wasn’t bad by the end. My bad knee held up for the whole 10 miles and I ran it in the same time as I ran it last year. Go figure.

Julie was in town that weekend too! Yayay. So after the race we met up for lunch and it was just so fab to see her.

Julie visit

We went to the Swedish Museum. If I wasn’t busy and needed to get home, likely to do some homework, I would have seen the exhibit. It was quilts and the ones I saw were pretty impressive. We are now planning our next adventure-which is Stitches. Next weekend I buy my plane tickets. Or maybe tomorrow. I am also preparing for Vogue Knitting Live by blocking the last of my swatches today. That should also be a good one.

Anyway, about two and a half weeks or so later we took off on our Hawaiian adventure. And although I was sure I was prepared to run Ragnar, I sadly was not. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

We took off for about 9ish hours of flying (12ish hours all together…..)

The best part was when we were getting close to Kona and they gave us a free MaiTai. It’s the little things….

Airline Drink

Oh, and the other thing that happened was my camera decided to get the black spot back in the center of the screen. So excuse some of these pictures.

This is the view from our condo, when we got there. We had to go to Costco first to do some Ragnar shopping. However, I was sort of brain dead by then so I really should have waited. Yes, there is a Costco in Kona.

View 3IMG_3528



Nice huh? Well, except for the damn spot. Jeesh. That is so annoying. But take my word the water was blue and the air was warm. Kona is on the dry side so it was sort of brown with lots of lava flows.

Our living room/kitchen and general hang out place




Surfing the web


The purpose of the trip was to run the inaugural Ragnar Relay Hawaii. Now, if I’d been thinking..which is something that’s been getting harder and harder lately….I would have gone the week before and had Ragnar be at the end of the trip. But noooo. I thought I’d just fly in Wednesday and be all rested up for a 38 hour adventure by Friday. I was so wrong.

However, before that all started we found the beach--





And in the afternoon we checked into the race

Ragnar team

On Friday we got to the start around 12:30ish and waited around for our runner-

Our team

And I’m off!

Start Leg 7

That’s about the best I felt until the following evening at around 7 PM!

Because this is what I ran-

Ragnar leg

Yeah, that’s 5 miles..up a hill, on a narrow busy road, in the heat and humidity. It was the start of a long sloggy walk/run.

But I did it and on we went.

Some of the things I saw along the way..







The lava flows on our last leg…That was miserable. It was on a hot, non shaded hiway. I could feel my skin burning. But again, I did it.


I have about a zillion pictures but seriously, it’s like being invited to someone’s house and having to sit through their vacation pictures. It’s just not that interesting to those who didn’t live it.

Anyway, we did finally finish and here we are--

Ragnar VanOur van fam at the last leg


our Ragnar TeamOur team at the finish

I was never so happy to be done with anything in my entire life.

We managed a selfie to celebrate Blane and Melanie’s engagement, that just happened that day-

SelfiesYou’d be surprised how hard this was.

We also took our only picture of Dave



After a couple beers and a good nights sleep, we arose on Sunday to check out the Botanical Gardens.




IMG_3572These weird flowers were waxy, not soft at all.


IMG_3575Getting tired of posing for Dave






Blane and MelanieDid I mention these two got engaged?? Cause they did.

Again, so many pictures, so little blog.

We met up with a friend at the end….



Blane would have brought him home if possible.

We had lunch at this great local place--


where we met another friend. This one had a name.




Pickles looks a LOT like our other friend at the Gardens….hmmmmm.

We followed that up by going to the Akaka Falls




And headed home via the scenic route

Botanical Gardens

We arrived back to our condo—this is the sunset out the back door



Monday was spent relaxing with more beach time…


A little shopping, and a little feeling sad that it all went so fast.



Tuesday we were up and ready for our flight to Seattle--

Kona AirportThe long walk to the plane

We spent the night in Seattle. Ate dinner and had a giant beer there too

Seattle Beer

Early Wednesday we headed back to catch our hour late flight…

SeaTac airportGo Ducks. Where ever you’re going that is.

And we got home.

Chloe showed her appreciation with some chair love


Cats wondered what the heck just happened but they all survived—thanks Cathy!


And here we are, back like it never even happened. were gone?

happy 3