Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It Was A Christmas Miracle….after Christmas

Well, I thought I’d throw in a quick post before I leave for Tacoma and the sadness of  Grampa’s funeral.

That won’t be so much fun.

But last weekend was fun—it was football games like no other.

The Seahawks were back to play at TCF Bank Stadium for round two, only this was a playoff game.

Image result for vikings vs seattle game 2016This happened…….

And then the Packers went to the house in DC and, well, this happened…..

Image result for packers vs redskins 2016

I thought the Seahawks would have a bigger win and I thought the Packers might squeak by.

Who knew?

In the meantime, I got so excited over football that my rotary cutter slipped up over the ruler and sliced right into the side of my finger. The cat scratched my face and over all I’m a little worse for wear.

It’s cold here…


We’re used to it though it does sort of put a damper on running outside.

It makes for pretty sunsets in the bare trees--



I hope I didn’t forget to mention Dave’s birthday on the 4th. Not only that, but he gets full SS bennies at age 66. I, however, do NOT get full bennies until age 66 AND 10 months. I’m pretty sick about it. Therefore he doesn’t get much airtime for his day. Suffice to say there was beer, pizza, cake, and football. What a day.

That’s it really, we  all took a deep breath and we are travelling on to the next thing. Which is the funeral. Which we didn’t expect. I thought I’d have a quiet few months, save up some money, finish the next quarter of school. Well, I guess the saying is true—you make plans and God laughs.


However—when all is said and done-


The cat is still not out of the bag…..