Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stuff that happens when you aren’t looking

Last week at work I was minding my own business when this happened.


That would be Chrissy, Cathy and I posing with the Dark Knight. What I found interesting was 1) his sidekick couldn’t operate my camera so I’m not ready for the picture and 2) he got an i.d. badge with his Dark Knight picture on it.

IMG_0157 - Copy

It’s blurry but you can see, that’s our Logo with the Dark Knight picture. You realize, it takes an act of God to get a new badge, and here the Dark Knight got one in, oh, say, an hour. Goes to show when you are a super power, you don’t wait in line.

It also cost me 2 dollars to get our picture taken-however, it’s not the two bills stuck in his belt. Just saying.

So after that, the rest of the week pales in comparison. Laura returned from Africa and took this, my fave picture.


There were a couple better of the lions, but I really like this guy.

And what kind of blogger would I be without throwing down a picture  of Laura in Africa. (Yes, I stole these pictures and did not ask nor check for copyrights-that’s how I roll-I mean she put it on Facebook for God’s sake-she was BEGGING me to steal them)

Laura and Lion

Anyway, she says she was a “little gnawed on”. I think there was some sort of  shoe fetish going on at the lion park.

So we are happy to have her back in one piece. (Finally, someone who understands both Fringe AND Psych…)

I finished Kari’s baby sweater for her new baby Evelyn.


First of all, Evelyn was early but took forever and secondly I didn’t know boy or girl. I didn’t even get to see Kari pregnant, dang, but I did knit this little unisex sweater


I love the buttons

IMG_0160 - Copy

And just in time for the 80 degree March weather. OK, I lie, it’s not 80 in March. It’s going to be 80 on Sunday, April 1st, when I get to run the Fool’s Five (another late race so we can celebrate the heat of the day….)

Anyway, I added a pink shirt and some little pants and some little receiving blankets. I hope they like it.

Lastly, Saturday was the first weekend of the sell down at Pine Needles. The sale has been going all week but those that couldn’t make it came for the 40% off on Saturday. It was sincerely busy.

Marcia worked hard….


can you tell? I pulled a pushpin out of her shoe at around 3 PM. God only knows how long she walked around with a half inch of pin hanging off her sole. Jeesh. (Laughed so hard we cried and decided we can never work together again)

Also, there’s Connie back there working her magic on the cash register. See how empty the front shelves look? I tried to capture the crowds but I failed miserably

 IMG_0166 IMG_0167

There was a time when the line to the cash register was something like 20 deep.


Good times. Next Saturday is the last day and 70% off. I hope we survive it.

Marcia was kind enough to let me have the dressform (I call her my girl) but she completely disrespected her


Look at her all passed out on the floor there. Oh, that’s my new red chair too. Sweet.

Hopefully I’ll be able to resist the 70% off temptation (I was really good with the 40/50%-only some needles, pattern and thread) because April really kicks off the fiber months with the Minneapolis yarn store shop hop, the Textile Center Garage Sale, the new Pine Needles store opening, and Yarnover.

Gotta go, must rest up. Exhausted thinking of it.

Oh, yeah, I guess I still have to go to work too, because you never know, when you least expect it, there might just be a super power lurking outside your cubicle.

IMG_0157 - Copy (2)

Monday, March 19, 2012

I forgot the great title I had for this week.

Sorry. I had a good one. I really did. And then, bam. Gone.

I think it might have to do with the fact that it’s been in the 70’s for days on end. Actually I think there was an 80 snuck in there. We have broken records for the past 7 days. I weeded the garden today. It’s March.

But, to really make it all worthwhile, supposedly they can’t cool our building until April 1st. That’s what they say. So it’s a bit sticky up in suite 200 of the 2100.

Last weekend was the St. Patrick’s Day Human Race.

This is 2010-See what’s happening there? Coats, long sleeves.


This is March 19th 2011 (I can’t find the race photos for this year, but you get the picture)


And this is St. Patrick’s Day Human Race Sunday 3/18


Can you see what I’m talkin’ about?

Do you see a long sleeve among the bunch?


We are standing around in the 77 degree heat waiting for the start. They start this race later so the day is warmer. I’m not sure they were counting on this.

We played with the new camera too. I think Dave might be over the bad picture curse.


Me and my new friend. (Not so sure what his deal is-I was going to get up there and dance with him but there was a bit of a crowd around and I’m not sure how much the Catholics there appreciate the heathen climbing on their statues….)


The lovely houses on Summit.


Me finishing.

I took this picture of the lions.

IMG_0118 IMG_0117

And lastly, Dave took a picture of this racer, who, by the way, did not beat me.

This time.


Monday, March 12, 2012

I’m such an Amateur

Whoa. So I thought that Grampa’s office purge was a big deal. But sadly, amateurish. This weekend I was in Minneapolis staying with my friend Jill, and across the street was the grandaddy of all purges-


I mean, seriously. Check that out-there’s a ladder going up the side to get more stuff in that monstrous dumpster. It’s like they put that ladder and SUV right next to the dumpster for scale-just for me.


Well played, purgers, well played.

May I also say the weather was just FAB. We were working inside on some sewing projects

IMG_0079 IMG_0078

see? All set up. And even though we took a little trip to the fabric stores, and opened the doors, by afternoon I had to take a little walk. It was over 60 degrees and there were lots of folks in the hood.

IMG_0083 IMG_0084

I went by this lake, and took some pictures of the blue sky-


Jill relaxed with her cat


When I got back to Rochester Sunday, I wanted to go running but unfortunately had packed running clothes for the 30 degree weather that I ran in on Friday. Fortunately, I had a tee shirt so I could at least be cool on top and managed a little over 8 miles. Nothing like running in the sun. But not the hot blazing humidity sun of summer. Not that.

Oh, see how I got down with the new camera? I figured out how to off load the pictures to my external hard drive.

Here’s some of the first pictures I took-




Very cute foldy box with sewing notions. Both presents I have already used


I spent much of the rest of the week goofing with the camera trying to figure it all out-




(Moon over commute)


Happy Birthday to me-again.


(Notice my blog muse is missing-Laura is in Africa-AFRICA!!! She said “I never go anywhere” so she decided to go somewhere with a vengeance! She has been to the lion park and survived with all her body parts-I told her to take lots of picture so I could comandeer them to my blog. She’ll be back in a couple of weeks)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thank you for your patience

So sorry about the late (and soon to be short) blog posting.

Last week was my birthday, on the 5th. Just so everyone is straight on that. I also worked last Saturday and then again Monday so I could go to Bernina training in Racine on Tuesday. Really. All that happened.

The outcome of it was no blog. Oh, I got paid yesterday and you know I had to pay the man. Or men in my case. There are a LOT of men I seem to pay.

So that’s the list of excuses. But please join me for the celebration.



This is my delicious Daube’s cake. Yummmm, cake.

Then it was time for presents. Dave got me a new camera-yes a new camera to replace the crap camera-I put my glasses on to look at the accessories.

 DSC02089 DSC02093


It’s quite the piece of equipment.


I got more presents from my sisters (that purple box is part of a present) but those pictures are trapped in the new camera that can’t be tapped into until I load up the software. Oh Jeesh.

Stay tuned-film at 11.

Happy Birthday to me.

And, as my wonderful supervisor Corrine said just the other day, when defining the meaning of Narcissism-

Really, that’s enough about me-what about you?                                                                    

What do you think of me?