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New Website Coming Soon---

ETA: News Flash. New blog on Wordpress. I am going to try wordpress cause it's free and easier than squarespace.
Find me at

See ya there----

Apologies to all for the delay in my Netherlands Blog. Truly.

Today I spent the last 9 hours, nine, count them NINE, working on my blog. I had many other plans for my day off but got fixated on this.

I got up this AM, went to the gym and said to myself-I will do part one of the Netherlands and spend the rest of the day doing whatever it is I want.
Wrong. I did get the post done and when I went to post it I got this:

Now, this is not the first time I’ve had errors with blogger but it will be the last. I spent about 2 hours trying everything they recommended which didn’t fix the problem.

I am now working on Squarespace and have just purchased my new domain,

I am hopeful that by this weekend I will be up and running on my new platform. It looks wonky right now but I think I can customize. It’s got to be better than this.
Thanks for your patience…….Because I have none left.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Let’s Talk December and a Brief January Birthday

It was Christmas last month, and although we had a super quiet time, it seemed like a finish line we needed to get to so we could move on to the next new year. Not sure why that was.

We got the tree up and some decorations which was nice.


Puddy thoroughly enjoyed it.

IMG_3034 (1)

We had some libations to help make the mood festive.


Blane and Melanie stopped by at and dropped off a few dogs and a cat so they could go out to the Seattle Seahawk Monday Night Football game in Seattle. I think it was a successful journey!!

Little Aim chillaxin’ in the sun


and Roki wondering where everybody went.


Meanwhile in Seattle---



They had a mountain view.


There was also some cousin time before the game



Dave got ready to work from home which started the beginning of January. First up—new chair.Trying it on for fit……


Ohh, and they had the annual Christmas Party for all of work. It’s the most incredible spread of sugar ever. EVER. There’s fruit too but really?



We went up to the museum in Minneapolis. We had lunch at Surley and a draft at Insight. Dave had a GI bug which I got the following day. He was a trooper though.


After we recovered from our illnesses, the following weekend we tried out the new Brewery in town.



And of course the usual football weekends at home.


Manny went to the vet and thankfully he didn’t pee a lake all over the floor as in times past--

RenderedImageWatch out for that table!!

I got a little puzzle for Christmas and I put it together.


And all that happened in December. All of it.

And as January began Dave had his birthday. He’s in the very last year of his work. Dang it. I can’t help but be jealous.

I gave him the best card ever


Sorry for the hurried tone but this is a short catch up post because today—YES TODAY-I am on the way to Amsterdam. In a few short hours I am on my way to the airport. I’m a week in the Netherlands with my sister Debbie. Woot and woot.

I have a few more things to pack so I better get on it. But I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year. I’ll be more talkative when I get back.

See you all then!


Saturday, December 22, 2018

Three Months Later…

Well, it’s not that I haven’t posted in two months, it’s just that my last post was about my trip in September, and it’s now December.

So I’ll just do the long and short of it.

The first weekend of October was quilt retreat. It never disappoints.


I worked on small projects this time. I finished the pretty dresses quilt.


We had a campfire


And I went for a lovely nature walk and found mushrooms.




and vistas


It was grey but not too cold.

It was a rainy October and after retreat I did the Nerstrand Big Woods Run.

One word-Muddy.





It was funny because at first we all tried to keep out of the mud holes and then after about the first 1/2 mile it was like ‘hell with it” and through the middle we went.

Later that weekend Lacey got the critical diarrhea which I couldn’t control and 1000 dollars later she is all better.

We took her to the emergency vet and she sort of threw some shade at us.

Collage 2018-12-22 18_10_13

It happened that way.

Next day

I'm all good

Next week I’m off to Denver for the ANCC Magnet Conference. I was with over 10,000 of my closet friends, all nurses, from 74 countries. I stayed in the sketchiest hotel ever. EVER. It’s the first time I couldn’t wait to leave a place. The only good thing was I didn’t have neighbors till the last night. At least they were quiet. But I actually heard one of them sigh. Sigh. It’s not that loud of an emotion. The ripped dirty towels were a little bit gross and the halls that smelled like urine, well, not so much.  I loved the armed security guard. It was about 1.5 miles from where I was staying and I was able to walk every day. The weather was pretty nice. The neighborhood left something to be desired but I wasn’t frightened at all. I didn’t walk home any later than 8-9 though. It was on a fairly busy street and well lit. I think there might have been a drug deal below my window next to the dumpster sometime in the dead of night.

Denver was pretty and the convention center was nice.





IMG_2737   IMG_2738

IMG_2776      IMG_2745

And I got to see my friend Kathy, aka Mountainpurl



They threw a huge party for all of us and that was pretty fun--



It was crazy and the food was free.


The beer was sort of spendy though.


There was a nice liquor store between the convention center and me.


I learned a lot and it was really fun, except for the crappy hotel. That was a super bummer. I’d go again in a minute.  To the Magnet Conference, not to the hotel.

IMG_2780                              IMG_2794

Remember, always be friends with the mascot.


In November--

Some snow…..


Voted Blue…..         


And ran a 10 mile trainer at White Bear Lake

It was cold but a really nice route. I’d do it again only I think I’ll be running a half in Savannah next year at that time.



Rainy and cool.

I went to VKL Minneapolis


I love this.


I took a great sweater class from Marie Green, designer of the Beekeeper Cardigan, Olive Knits.

I was able to meet up with another friend, Kathy, aka Instantmess, and we had a fab lunch together.



Later that night I met up with my coworker Ashley, her husband, and Dave and we went out to dinner and to Book of Mormon, which I liked just as much the second time round.


Squinty eyes and crazy hair.

THEN—as if that wasn’t enough the next weekend was Route 66 1/2 marathon. My weekend with Machelli. Love x 10.

I left Minnesota at 25 degrees and arrived in OK to 70 degrees.


Machelle’s back yard


We spent Saturday getting our race stuff, and doing some shopping in the cutest shops.


Again with the mascot


I found this soap……



Kinda true…


Our new ritual—The pre-race pedi. How did we not think of this before?


Race day and the temp dropped 40 degrees cause that’s how I roll. We did it though.


I’m happy to say that in sight of the finish line I fell right down, tripped over a large heave in the road. Pride severely injured.

Knee will survive. Gawd.


Can you stand it?

Finish line libations.


Next year I will be watching for that speed bump.

I got home Monday in time for Thanksgiving on Thursday.

AND—we went to the gym and worked out on Thanksgiving day! We look so enthused.


The day after Thanksgiving was a lonely bus ride--


We didn’t do a thing  for the holiday but on the following Sunday we went to US Bank and watched the Packers lose to the Vikings. Ugh. It was super uncomfortable as Vikings fans are pretty assholish. Sorry but true.




We took the bus up and back. It was fun but uncomfortable because as I said the Vikings fans are pretty hostile to the Packer fans. Oh well. At least I can say I’ve been there. We’ll go again when the Seahawks come.

And on to December.

Sorry about the long pause. I hate when bloggers do that. I am hoping to be better. Really.

Coming up—dogs dogs dogs, Seahawk games, and Christmas trees.

Meanwhile, back at my desk….