Monday, March 19, 2018

Spring, right?

I am a bit done with the winter. I want it to be 50 degrees so bad. Not yet. Almost today, we were in the 40’s but not quite 50’s. It seems that the temps just hang and hang and hang in the 30’s.

And then I got all confused between Toronto and Ontario, which Toronto is in Ontario but Ontario isn't a town, except for in California and I’ve actually been there so maybe that’s why I was confused.

It was, though, St. Patrick’s day on Saturday and I will say that beers were drunk-


And I drank this one too-which was called Raging Bitch made by Flying Dog. I ordered it for the name. Of course I did.


Did I mention that the other night one of the dogs was crying crying crying about something. It was more a soft cry, not one of Lacey’s screaming cries. But we thought it was Lacey cause she has her fibromyalgia attacks and you never know when that might happen. But as it was it was happening at 2 AM so I told Dave to let her out of the room. So he did and we went back to bed and still the crying continued. I then turned on the light and we both got up and went to the foot of the bed and found that Manny, when he laid down and stretched out, his head slipped under the bed and when he woke up he was stuck. It looked sort of like this--


We just stood there staring in awe at him for at least a minute before I moved him 4 inches forward at which point he was freed from his prison and went back to sleep. I don’t even have an ending for that story.

Puddy has a new toy which she likes to get off my desk. It’s a weird plasticy starfish that must be just the right squishy cause she loves it. LOVES. IT.


Here she is pretending that it just suddenly appeared next to her when she was lying in the sun.

I had dinner with Laura and Mary a week or so ago and the only picture I took was this:


Do I have any priorities at all? Apparently and those priorities are beer.

I guess that’s all I’ve got for today. I don’t do much cause I’m out of school which continues to make me so very very happy. Very. Happy.

I finished some socks.


I actually finished those when I went to Stitches but just photographed them now.

AND—I’ve got the last square done for the Retrax quilt project-


This isn’t the last square but second to the last but illustrates the whole idea of the thing. It’s going to be quite large.

I’m listening to a new podcast called Throwing Shade. It describes itself like this:


I have to say that it’s over the top but makes me laugh. In addition to making fun of politicians and current issues. Cause you know I’m into giving most people much less respect than they deserve.

Anyway—did I mention that I have now registered for Stitches MIDWEST just this side of Chicago? Cause I can’t get enough Stitches!! Yep. In August. Julie’s going too. I am seriously excited to see what Midwest is like since I have only been to West. I think it will be a much different vibe and I am excited to see just what that is.

I have a race next weekend—kicking off the season with a 10K. And because of St. Patrick’s day I sort of missed a long run day so I’m not quite ready, but pretty ready. I think.

So—I’ll let ya know how that goes. I have mapped out my garden for this summer, and am working on my bathroom remodel.

Oh, and planning the plans for 2019, in addition to preparing for Scotland AND for December Weddings……

Till then-


Hope everyone had a happy happy St. Patrick’s Day. (I hope he was wearing something under that kilt…)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Stitches West 2018

I have gone out to the West Coast and returned, completing another successful Stitches West. This was #5, and it was just as fun as the first four, although a little bit different.

Firstly, though, I went to visit my old friends in Tacoma. I flew into SeaTac and the one big thing on my bucket list was to go to the Seattle Art Museum. Well, of course, cause it was me doing the traveling, the weather was stormy and cold when I arrived. Really cold. Like in the 20-30’s cold. But I was determined to get to SAM and get there I did. It was fraught with peril as I dodged blowing business placards, collapsed scaffolding, and city buses. I never could find the SAM parking lot,  but did find a spot just up the street and blew down to the museum.

It was wonderful.

I saw some crazy things there—like the haunting masks of the PNW indian tribes-

DSC01251Whoa, that’s quite a posse.


I saw this mouse on a person. It’s a study of perspective. At least I think that’s what they said….

DSC01254I liked it a lot

This is a shipwreck off the coast of AK


I like pictures that are real like this. Landscapes especially.

I didn’t take any pictures of the  visiting exhibit but I will say it was wonderful and here’s the link.

In the lobby they have the giant woven tree…


and as I was leaving I had to snap a picture of this long hallway


Next time, when I’m not so frazzled, I hope to stay longer, although I was wandering for almost two hours….

I was at Nina’s and, as usual, we laughed the day away after she got home that afternoon. It was the Olympics that week and we couldn’t wait to see Johnny Weir’s hair. Along with some of the other sports.


They are tooo adorable. And I liked their commentary. Along with Adam Rippon, who brought some artistry back to figure skating. He also tweets like no other. He can’t explain witchcraft…..

I saw many friends whilst in Tacoma/Seattle-





Kara, Melissa, and the funniest Lorie you’ll ever know.


And, of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Tacoma without Nina—the best of the besties. Friends for almost 50 years now, AND, we have the exact same opinions about everything and everybody. It’s uncanny….


To be fair here, I was dressed up and ready to go out and Nina was planning a work day at home. Although I thought she looked great she wasn’t so sure.

The only downside to my few days in WA was the fact that the temps were exactly the same in Tacoma as in Rochester AND I experienced some lovely snow, cause I couldn’t get that at home.


Danged but I was annoyed. It didn’t stick to the road but did stay on the grass for a few days. Cold + damp + wind = misery.

I returned my car and had a little shopping with Martha before our trip, the following day, to Santa Clara and Stitches West, 2018. Yep and all the yeps. This year we stayed at the Biltmore, about two miles from the convention center. Not nearly as convenient but quieter and we had nice walks in the morning over to the venue. (the desk people at our hotel told us we couldn’t walk to the venue on the bike path. They were aghast that we would even consider walking. That’s Cali for ya, they love to drive….)DSC01274

That sun in Bright.  But did I mention the temps were 10-20 degrees below normal? You’re welcome California.


We had lunch with friends, took classes, went to the market, attended the fashion show, bought yarn and other stuff, and just had some splendid fun.

Annual Stitches Champers


Fashion Show



And our groupers!


Knitters do drink a lot, I have to say. I had this specialty cocktail I could have sipped on for hours--


--except it cost 13 bucks a pop. Yes, that’s a little glass. It’s posing with Martha’s sock blank from Duren Dye Works.

One sad note, Abundant Earth Fibers was driving down from Seattle and had their trailer with their entire inventory stolen. They went to bed at the hotel, and got up and the trailer was gone. I’m sure the thieves were surprised when they got it open. Hopefully, they will appreciate the fiber. They still came and repped their small family owned operation but still. The knitters were appalled.

It was over much too soon and even while we were there we were talking about plans for next year. We’ve already extended the stay and extra day (Wednesday) but maybe next year we stay till Sunday……AND do VRBO so we can get our own food. I swear I spent twice as much this year just on food and drinks. That’s just not right. Of course, it’s Northern California where money flies out of one’s pockets at an alarming rate.

And now I’m back. It’s my birthday tomorrow so Friday night was a little celebration with the friends from the hood--


There we are. And here’s the delicious part


All in all a great night with great friends.

In the meantime, I’m just hanging out and spending free time at home now. Now that I don’t have to spend all my hours on homework I feel a bit at loose ends. But I’ll get used to it. I’m getting some serious knitting and quilting in , in addition to sorting and getting ready for other events and trips and travel. We’ll just see what comes up.

Until then, I’ll continue to wear my cat as a fashion accessory.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Done and Done

I’m done. It’s official. Well, not that official. But a final grade is posted and I took all the classes and paid all the money and now I have a master’s degree in nursing. Well, yay for me. Who knows if it will bring me anything. Mayo decided because I make so much money they won’t give a pay bump to MSN in my classification. Cause they are like that. But even if it doesn’t get me a new shiny job or whatever, I think it taught me a few things. At least the buzz words for management.

Either way, no.more.homework. None. Nada. Nope and all the nopes.

We celebrated last Saturday night at Social Drunk SocialIce in Downtown Rochester. It was about 10 degrees. With a hint of wind to bring down the temps a little bit more. We managed to bundle up in about 5 layers of clothing and head down-

The whole deal is ice bars. And every year it’s either too warm or really cold. A calm night in the 20’s would be so nice.


We found a fire and hung out there for a while


IMG_1680(I have two coats on)

before heading over to Grand Rounds and meeting up with another friend for some toasts to me.




Um, by the way, tequila shots are never a good idea…..just saying. I lost a mitten too. Dang it. But it was such a fun night. And a perfect way to cap off a long two years.

Before that, just a week ago, was the Superbowl. I was happy with the outcome for sure.

I did my usual quilt class but this year didn’t do a mystery. We just got together and sewed up a quilt. I loved it.


My wonderful peeps and their blocks!

I am working on a tee shirt quilt for Blane which I think I might finish next month. I was trying for Christmas-hahahaha. No.


IMG_1666 (1)


It’s turning out pretty good.

Did I mention that I’m getting my teeth straightened. After several years of my teeth moving out and the space getting bigger and bigger I finally went for Invisalign. However, the anchors are on my front teeth so they aren’t that invisable. Vanity wins again. Next stop, chin lift.

Oher than that, getting ready for STITCHES WEST 2018! And, it’s the winter Olympics so we can knit and watch sports. The BEST.


I’m flying out Saturday to spend some time catching up with friends and hang in Tacoma for a bit. Then Wednesday off to Cali for some fiber exposure. I guess I better start packing…..

We had Brandy come stay for a night and we were truly Springer Heavy for those days--


Springers don’t be still. That was the best of about 10 pics. She made herself right at home


although Puddy was not impressed.



She’s over it now.

So—I can actually start blogging again. I don’t have to feel guilty cause I’m not doing homework.

Oh, and did I mention Scotland—2018???

Stay Tuned--