Monday, June 11, 2018

Running Like the Wind

Wow, sorry about the delay in my blog posts. If I could keep up it would be so much easier.

Most of this post I think will be running related because that’s what I did for three weeks in a row.

But before those runs, or maybe during those weeks, It’s all such a blur, we went and saw Paula Poundstone.  This is the second time we have seen her and she was hilarious. She is so clever and quick and can turn a joke on a dime. If you ever get the chance—go see her. She spoke about the upcoming meeting with N Korea (which at that time was off, but as we know is on again) and she made the astute observation that “they are both nutters”. Couldn’t agree more.


I couldn’t get a smiling picture no matter how hard I tried. And then I just wanted to listen.

Up next week is Brandi Carlile in Iowa. Good for us!

Oh, how could I forget this—the Royal Wedding. Jeepers. I was all over that.


I wore my tiara. Watched it live. My favorite parts were this little princess and her over the shoulder wave-


Oh my God, that kid has the wave.

And this photo bomb. Are you kidding me? The best ever


The Bishop from the Episcopal Church was preachin’ some fire. I was almost squirming because as an Episcopalian I’m not quite used to that level of intensity. At least not at any Episcopal church I ever attended.

You gotta love a Royal Wedding, it takes me away from reality and just makes me sort of happy.

But—back to reality

I ran Women Run the Cities in May-the first of three running weekends.I only ran the 10K, but it was good enough.

Beautiful day for Women to Run.


AND—I didn’t have to take a bad selfie cause here I am!



Next up was Med City 1/2 Marathon. Ugh. That wasn’t so fun. Not. At All.

They cancelled the Marathon and Marathon Relay, and the 20 mile run because of the extreme heat. And hot it was. Some saintly women around mile 11 handed me a baggie of ice which I wore under my hat until the finish. I was hot and uncomfortable and I have never seen so many people walking in a race. My finish, at 2:13 was very slow, but at least I finished.

Looking fresh at the start


Dying at the finish


I did recover enough to take a picture of my coworker-Ashley who ran the half marathon relay-(since they canceled the marathon relay)


After that, it was off to Canada on Thursday May 31st to  meet up with the team and run a little Ragnar.

Now I have been watching the weather around Toronto for a few months, and looking at the averages and calculating what I’ll run in and how the course will feel. And if you believe the averages it should have felt pretty nice. However, as we all know when I’m traveling the weather is either freezing and I don’t have the right clothes (remember Tacoma at the end of Feb?? It was snowing….) or so hot it’s ridiculous. Well, it was ridiculous. The weather was about 10-15 degrees above the norm AND the dewpoints were about 65ish. Which made my first leg so miserable I could hardly stand it. I badly miscalculated what I ate before I ran, when I was going to run, and how hot it would be. Needless to say, I suffered a LOT.

But let’s get back to the beginning.

We stayed in a hotel that offered the love tub—Scary


It’s a little bit funny with the foam roller on the edge of the tub.

One of the best things about this Ragnar was my favorite neice Katie, came and ran with us. AND designed our great magnets.


Katie and I did selfies throughout the race--





Our van before


and after--


and our team, of course-



I have to say the the course was ok but my van fam in Van One was exceptional. Everyone was chill and fun and nice and I laughed and laughed. They were simply the best. And I had the most wonderful time.

Beautiful Canada





And some action shots



Me and the best captain of any Ragnar eva!


Things you can’t get anywhere but in Canada


Team bonding-


Beer drinking--


And a whole lotta fun—except for my first leg. That was NOT fun.

Who knows? Maybe it wasn’t my last Ragnar.

In other news, Cody was thinking of me a few weeks ago….


What a good boy.

Puddy was chillin on the deck which is decked out, so to speak, with new flowers.



I got my native garden in the back and my flower garden started in the front. It will take a couple of years to get that all filled in.  I just keep putting plants in to fill it up.

Anyway, I’m home for the summer. We are going to Brandi Carlile next week in Iowa for a couple of days, and I have Stitches Midwest in August with Julie. Looking forward to both of these things immensely.

This weekend is the annual garage sale that Laura and I put on. It’s the second annual garage sale. Hoping to make some spare change for Scotland in September AND get rid of some things. I have a ways to go before I get rid of everything I should get rid of.

I’ll let you know how I do.


Sunday, May 6, 2018

It’s May

We made it out of April which was a blessing cause that month was about to get a punch in the throat like no other. I mean, two blizzards? Really? I don’t think so. One of which I was driving in. Sigh. But now we are into May and it’s quite pleasant. So pleasant, in fact, that I spent yesterday afternoon deck sitting at Mollie’s house, watching Madelyn do her thang at the water table--


among other things she was into. I was just chillaxin’ with a Crazy Aunt, of which we are stockpiling


along with Rowdy Uncle.


It’s just so good. So, so, good.

The season of summertime deck drinking has officially begun.

The occasion for yesterday’s bash was the go live of Epic at the World Famous Mayo Clinic. Which wasn’t all that epic but next week should be fun as all get out. Cause there’s nothing like a new computer system that is completely different than anything you have been working on for the past few years……..


For those of us living under a rock for the past two years, and who didn’t realize the PTO blackout and required classes and people in green vests weren’t related to a new EHR system, they put this notice out on our computers on Saturday just in case.

Yep, FYI people. F.Y.I.

Before May happened there was the last weekend of April and my sister was here for our annual Yarnover attendance. Yarnover is a yarn event put on by the Minnesota Knitters Guild and it quite a bit of fun. We sometimes go to the dinner before, but the last couple of years we have just gone to the market. It’s full of yarny goodness but I refrained from new yarn and just got some needles and a cute greeting card.

We decided to go by the brewery so I could drop off an empty growler or seven and I ran into Ilan, Pam and Nova, who is now tied for cutest baby ever with Madelyn. Look at this baby--




No way. She looks a LOT like Ilan but she’s still super cute. Huh. Defies the odds. She’s also seriously busy. We got a huge kick out of her. AND, got my first taste of the Rowdy Uncle.

IMG_1807Yum and Yum
It was a win all the way around if you ask me.

We went for lunch but crap if I can remember where we went. Really? I’ll think of it…..

On Sunday, we had some dog walking going on cause we had Brandy visiting too. We had a house full of guests!


I walked Manny and he’s kinda slow. Not like Brandy and Lacey—the go getters.

We went to Zumbrota and Northfield Monday and saw some great yarn choices

IMG_1808I kind of love this sweater

Also during April I had dinner at Famous Dave’s with Mary and Laura. It was Mary’s good bye dinner as she is moving to Virginia in a couple of weeks. I’ll be in Virginia in September  and December so maybe we can meet at some future date out east.



I like the standing pic but Laura liked the sitting one so I put in both to be fair.

Today, May 6th, I ran a 10K called Unleash the SHE. It was about as perfect as you could get for a run. Almost too hot but not quite.


I had to take this selfie and I couldn’t really see cause I had these glasses on which aren’t progressive. But you get the idea and yes, my hair was that bad.

This person comes to a LOT of local races. You can see how I know it’s the same person. Yep—that’s a billion smiley faces and all sorts of smiley face memorabilia inside the vehicle. And yes, she wears gear that matches. I don’t have the ability to pull off that level of branding.


Tonight is hot yoga and I must say I need a bit of hot yoga to work out these kinks.

Anyway, I meant to blog before but sadly, another month has passed. I would forget about everything I do shortly afterwards if I didn’t have  the pictorial diary.  Gawd.

AND—I remember where we ate last weekend—That would be Nordstrom where I spent part of my 100 dollar Nordstrom Notes. We saw some awfully cute dresses but I passed them up. Couldn’t spend that much, plus I have a trunk coming. Clothing, nice clothing, is my weakness, as we all know.

So—off to the next thing-which is yard work. I got about 1/2 of the front yard beds done before running out of garbage can space. Dang it.

But I’ll keep going.

I also ordered up Minnesota Native Plant flower garden to start in the back. I can’t wait.

In the meantime, remember that picture of Madelyn and the water table? Well, when I was looking at that on the big screen I noticed that in the background I could see Brandy, and as I recall, this was the exact moment she ran off and pooped in the neighbor’s yard.


This made me laugh for about 23 minutes straight. And for those of you who were worried, Mollie ran over and picked up the poop as a responsible neighbor does……I can’t even plan this kind of thing.