Saturday, September 24, 2016

Travel Then and Now

Well, back in the day it was Laura’s birthday. And so to celebrate that day, or just because we felt the need, we booked our trip to Ireland. Holy Cow. It’s less than one year now. Almost.

We planned which tour we wanted and then we met up at Laura’s house (with my passport which I was reminded to bring more that several times) and first of wall we celebrated her birthday with some pizza.  And of course, the requisite birthday cake.


Then Laura booted up the computer and off we went. It was somewhat of a challenge at first….

DSC01410Click where???

But after a couple of tries and the delivery of a cat to some new owners, we are on our way across the pond.



Oh sweet success!!

DSC01413Yayayayayay!!!!! More Cake

This was a good night.

We were out to dinner this week being our usual loud selves having deep and somewhat connected conversation when Laura decided we should probably apologize to our fellow travelers in advance for having to travel with us. Sometimes what we think is loudly hilarious is lost on others. I have yet to understand that.

So, I’ve looked at books and ordered some shoes to wear. Working on wardrobe. Laura ordered some wardrobe but she’s not liking it so much.

Then, we were off to Seattle to Justin’s  (Dave’s son) wedding. I had the big plan that we’d get there early and I’d go and see my buds down at NPN and maybe see Nina if she was home. However that was not to be. There was a bridal lunch at noon in West Seattle so off I went. I must admit, for a holiday weekend with 3 major events going on I managed to avoid most of the worst traffic. The Gods were smiling on me, my friends. Well, except for when we got there and I found that the airline had ripped the wheel off my bag and the line to the rental car pick up place was 4 blocks long.

IMG_2089 (Edited)The front of the line is that little tiny person on the left of this picture.

So I went to West Seattle and to the party. I really didn’t know many people. I did have a nice conversation about knitting. I walked into one of the rooms and there was some knitting on the bed. I went to touch it and then remembered that probably I should not be touching other people’s personal belongings. But then I found the owner of the said knitting and of course she said to please come and touch my knitting. It’s probably a thing that only knitters might get. The house was VRBO and very nice. There was a pond




And I guess that’s all the pictures I took of that. I got back to the hotel in time to wake Dave from his nap and go get some fizzy water. Have I mentioned I also did ALL the driving? Yes. So annoying.

But I digress.

That evening was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner which was just as fun as the bridal luncheon. The wedding was in the arboretum. Unfortunately the little road to the venue was closed to traffic so I gauged how well I was going to navigate this in my heels, which, dammit, I was wearing to the wedding. Oh yes. I was. The other issue with my planned heels is we had to stand in wet soggy grass. Can you say lawn aerating? Yeah. That. There were some really pretty flowers and I’m thinking that they were like wild fusias.


Soggy Lawn with view


Once that was over we I drove to the dinner venue in Ballard. iPhone maps took me the back way—there aren’t many ways-and we arrived but with no where to park. I made up a little space behind the venue which was called Staple and Fancy. I personally, when inviting people to come to the Pacific Northwest, usually try to take them to places that specialize in the local cuisine—you know, the fish, the seafood, the fresh veggies. I don’t usually think Italian “shared” meals but what do I know? I also usually try to offer a view, but I also love the Space Needle, tourist attraction extraordinaire, so who am I to talk? As they say, not my monkeys, not my circus. So we dined in a brick and concrete basement—a la underground Ballard. Martha says “Oh Ballard, it used to be quaint, now it’s just trying to be trendy”. Well said.



We left to pouring rain and we I drove back to the hotel. We stayed by the airport for the quick get away. Plus it’s quiet and affordable. Sort of.

The next day was the wedding but Melanie had requested a replacement mug from Starbucks #1. Well, you know how that goes. We were up by about 6:30 and by 7ish I said “We’re doing this”. So we I drove to the Market, found a place to park (cause Saturday AM at 7:30, parking is easy-still expensive—but easy). Coffee at #1 with no line. Then over to the Market to get breakfast. Best meal of the trip for sure. Crab omlette with a ton of fresh crab. Oh heavenly day.

It was cloudy but there was also a view--




So nice. Then we got out of there by 8:45 cause, well, Seattle, Saturday, holiday weekend. Gotta run.

We made it to Nordstrom cause I had my 40 dollars of notes so I had to spend much more than that. Nordstrom is sneaky that way AND they just sent me another 20. Damn them.

 We I drove up to the Arboretum and because Seattle we had to leave hours early to anticipate traffic, or not. The wedding was at 4 so we got there at 3. It got sunny so that was a bonus. I had my heels on.

My Wedding Outfit

I thought I was appropriately dressed, although maybe a bit of a spring wedding vibe, not fall. Many people wore black. I wasn’t mourning it, yet.


best manDSC01426



I was aerating that lawn like mad with my spikey heels. You’re welcome parks department. I sank in like nobody’s business but to my brilliant credit I never fell down. No one would have noticed.

The reception was at the Center for Wooden Boats or Old Wooden Boat place or something……Nope—Center for Wooden Boats. It was really nice while the sun was up and I took a few snaps of the view.


And—you know it---


DSC01434You’ll get my money next time Space Needle.

After the sun went down I wore Dave’s jacket. Oh, and I changed shoes cause although I am skilled in the soggy grass, docks are a whole different bird. They brought in some Spotted Cow. Flew it in but then the people who shipped it by air drove to the wedding. Somehow I didn’t get that. There’s a lot of things that blew by me on this one. The best part was 5 minutes before we were supposed to eat the bride, groom, and her parents left for an hour so we all ate without them. See? I don’t get it. And I’ve been to a few weddings of people who are young enough to be my children and none of them went like that. The “wedding planner” was apoplectic. THAT was the best part of all.

We left at 9 cause we had an early flight and since we I had to drive on a Saturday night down the five I didn’t want to leave too late. They were just cutting the cake so I got no dessert. I was NOT happy about that but I did have a cookie beforehand so I guess it’s ok. Plus, I have Daube’s so it’s all ok. Now. That I’m home.

And home I am. I ordered a new wheel for my suitcase so game on Alaska Air. Let’s see what they can do on our Hawaii flight—which is next month.

Tomorrow I have Women Run the Cities on my bad right leg. I’ve already resigned myself to the fact I’ll not be making it in very good time. Cause I won’t be able to run. I see all these people running along and I want to go up to them and say “Appreciate your appendages because they can go back on ya” Sigh. Hawaii Ragnar are short legs thank God, then off to the Sports Med Doc. Maybe he’ll tell me how to fix it cause the ortho PA and the PT didn’t fix it. Gak.

So, I didn’t really get to enjoy Seattle all that much, but Congratulations to the newly weds.

Off to look at pictures of Ireland……...


Image result for limerick ireland

Image result for limerick ireland