Saturday, September 22, 2012

Moving, Part 2

So,  after the parties ended, after I hit the wall and couldn’t pack or think or do anything, we finally left St. Charles on Saturday, September 7th. (Of course, that took some time as a bird and two dogs had to get boarded, AND cat’s dishes had to be filled AND the toilet seats down because I have this fear of cats falling into the toilet)


We drove on I-90 due west and went to Gillette Wyoming, Missoula Montana, and on to Seattle. We passed through Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Washington. We took about a billion pictures. I’d like to show them all, but I think I’ll just give the highlights-

South Dakota had some fine rest stops

 IMG_0935 IMG_0936 IMG_0942

and Dave really got into it.


He was not into Lewis and Clark, however. Not so much in MN and WI I guess, but in the northwest, Lewis and Clark were really somebody. And, apparently, in SD too.




Otherwise, Day one was fairly flat.



Except for the dinosaur at Wall Drugs. At place I refuse to stop.

There was a “….the hell?” moment


Yeah. That was something. Not really sure what. But something, coming right on out of the ground.

It seems, also, that the west, once we got there, was on fire. We didn’t see any fire, but we saw a LOT of smoke.



That’s smoke haze, not a foggy picture. When we got to Missoula, we couldn’t even see Missoula, because it was covered with smoke.

There were some nice places though-



We left Montana in the AM


Idaho mid morning-clouds, but no rain


Eastern Washington by  late AM, early noonish


It was quite the dust storm there-see it behind the horses

Columbia Gorge-early afternoon



Up through the Cascades-


And Tacoma by 3:30. With no pictures of our arrival. None at all. I think I was driving is why.

And although it was so busy when we got here, we did manage a little walk around the golf course by the sound.


Dave left a week ago, and I surely miss him, and my little doggies and kitties-

IMG_0913 IMG_0900

It is awfully nice, though, to be able to run around here on Saturday mornings

IMG_0180 IMG_0179

And I am going back tomorrow.

Oh, and I lasted one week of new job. I really like it-and can see the challenges ahead. I sure hope the house sells soon so we can all be back together.

In the meantime-happy trails!

And more about my job and my knitting meet up (this weekend-exciting times ahead) next week.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Moving, Part One

Moving was so busy that it requires a two parter blog posting.

I know, there has been some blog silence but for the past week I have been saying good-bye, then travelling west.

A week ago yesterday, which would have been Friday, 9/7, there was a fabulous good-bye/jewelry party for me. Cathy was so nice to host it,


and Angie was our Silpada gal. I love me some jewels.



Isn’t that nice???

There was also delicious cake.


Lot’s of friends showed up, and Laura took the candid shots-well, this one wasn’t that candid.


I took my time posing with all my friends (this was only the beginning)

Me with:

Jules (my good friend and front desk gal!)


Kim B (no explanation for Kim)


Ali (was at the county when I started)


Rachael (I went to her wedding)


Kris (my replacement at the county)


The always smiling Mary Pat


Becky, PHN extrodinaire (why do I look so shell shocked-maybe because of the zillions of pictures?)


Lyndsey (spelled her name right)


And a candid with Nancy (best e-mails EVER)


And then they took pictures with each other-

IMG_0886  IMG_0850 IMG_0851

That’s Laura P in the middle-somehow I didn’t get a picture with her (this is a great picture!)

IMG_0862 IMG_0863

Kris and Dawn, another co-worker


And this is Amy B (with Kim), Financial Worker and funniest human on the planet. Made me laugh out loud many times-many many times during the work day.


Cathy, Kris, and Dawn, who will be working together now.

IMG_0870 IMG_0879 


There were the candid group shots too-

Here’s Tiffini with Dawn-we saw Tiff at Ragnar too

 IMG_0881  IMG_0859

Here’s Leah, my cubicle neighbor, on the right with Nancy and me.

IMG_0860 IMG_0867

 Did I mention presents? Kim and Laura came up with this one!


Great picture of Kim and I, especially my crazy eyes! I was actually laughing for about 10 minutes.

Can you read that?

IMG_0874 - Copy

Knitting in meetings

…..because falling asleep

is just rude

Pretty good one.

Nancy thought it was funny too, and tried to pose with the now famous bag, but I think Leah thwarted her with the Silpada catalogue.


I got cards and a book and some maragarita mix (with the booze in it-Thanks Amy-drank it in Montana-but more about that later)

Just a lot of nice things and good wishes.

So, thanks to everyone, I’ll miss you all!

And thanks Laura, for all the great pictures.


Stay tuned for part 2.