Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cody goes to town

Cody left on Friday to go to Touro Nevada and have an interview for medical school.

He modeled his new suit for us. It is beautiful and the fabric is like silk, only it’s wool so it drapes just so.

                         DSC00624 DSC00623

Rather goofy pictures. I should have used a flash or something because they got kind of blurry.


He left on Allegiant Air out of Rochester. The fares are sweet and it is a direct flight.


Suit had it’s own seat.


Cody had his interview on Tuesday. I called him all day thinking it would only take an hour. I guess they planned a whole day out of it. Who knew? He said it was one of the most stressful things he has ever done. I asked him if he was, at least, the nicest looking person there. He didn’t think that was the case, but I do.

They interviewed 500 for 130 spots. Gosh I hope he wins.

He was having a long cool one when I called, getting ready to go out to dinner with Seth, his old room mate.


Well, you get the idea.

He’ll be back on Friday with some stories to tell, I am sure.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Appleton-The Fox Cities Marathon

Sounds impressive eh? Well, we did participate in the Fox Cities Marathon, however, we were 1/2 marathon power walkers. It is very fun. Once a year it is a nice change of pace, so to speak, to walk a race instead of running. You sure see more of the sights.

We made a little vacation out of it.

We drove to Appleton on Friday, Sept 18th.

We stopped here for a little breather.


We were here…


In case you were wondering.

We stayed at the Cambria Suites in Appleton and it was beautiful.

DSC00559 DSC00557     DSC00558

Not one but two flat screen TV’s to watch the Packer Game on!


We brought the laptop and I talked to Graammpa for a while. That’s me talking to him!


We called Ilan who went to school with Cody and I’ve known for almost 10 years now. He invited us over for dinner, much to Cody’s mortification.

Here is his cute little house. He lives with two room mates.



On this quiet little street-except for a few train whistles. Which were pretty loud. Kind of like the My Cousin Vinnie train and factory whistles.


Here we are-the weather was great.


He was truly a gracious host-look at him working for us-


Ilan’s biggest hobby is brewing beer. I should not say it is a hobby, but more of a passion. I tasted a couple of nice looking brews DSC00568 DSC00569

Pretty huh?

The next day we admired the view and a hot air balloon from our window.





We picked up our race packets, I bought some yarn at Iris Fine Yarns.         


We did a little shopping at the grocery store so Dave could have some munchies and fancy beer for the game. (Ilan has ruined Dave for the old Miller Golden Light any more. He also told me that the reason why they put lime in the beer is to take the stale taste away. So much for Bud Light Lime)

Anyway, I saw this little keg of wine. This is a higher end wine, when the box just won’t do.

And, the keg is recyclable, there are instructions on how to do so right on the side. Um, I am probably a real snob to say so, but I am not sure the person drinking wine out of a keg is worried about the recyclability of the receptacle. Just sayin’….


Then the most amazing thing-the clerk asked me for ID. Seriously. I had to ask her if it was to buy beer just to be sure. Oh, it was a glorious day. So I am blogging this grocery store and giving it a free plug because of their fine customer service.


Tony and Mary arrived and we met up and went out to dinner. We made it an early night because we were walkin’ at 0h-seven-hundred.

Here’s the start


I am ready to go


And they’re off!


Here are a few things we saw



Deep dark woods


Mary, Tony, and Dave walking along.



Our time at 5 miles.

And a guy playing the piano for us.

And I ran into this mouse or bear or something. And those girls were very enthused about the whole business.


We sure had a good time with our pictures


So good that everyone had to join the fun


And who is this in the distance?


I do believe it is Fred Flintstone, giving me some Gatorade in a  GB Packer cup. Check out the feet.


We walked by the lake and saw a hearse in the park (I knew this was a tough race, but seriously, I didn’t know I was at risk for death….)



We passed through Menasha on our way to Neenah and the finish line.


I saw the Happy Wanderers. (I didn’t get a picture of the Geriatric Band, dang it)


There was a dangerous shark at about mile 11, and a lifeguard to keep him (or her) at bay



We finally got to the 13th mile


And the finish


We had our picture taken but I have to order it to copy it. So that will be coming soon.

Here is the best part of returning to our hotel


Our designer bathroom with totally comfortable tub. And no dogs or cats or dog or cat hair.

Watched a little Green Bay, shopped a little, had a little dinner, and the next day we returned home.

The dogs were all stressed out because we were gone for 4 days. Jeepers. The cats didn’t seem to care. The birds, well, they have a brain the size of a pea so I am not sure they even noticed.

And that is our PowerWalk, 2009.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Purse Party

I am so behind with everything, including the blog. And you know I like to keep up with things.

Anyway, I am starting with the purse party. Last Thursday I went to a purse party. I didn’t know much what to expect, but the girls convinced me to go, especially when Laura said “The babies are coming”

And come they did!


Angie gave us a ride and Laura rode in the back with this one. Interesting that Laura jumped right in the back. Next to the baby. If anyone is surprised by this behavior they really need to go back and do some remedial blog post reading. I mean-seriously.

So our Cora was in a pretty good mood. Laura fed her and took many pictures, like this one.

Then we arrived at the party in Zumbro Falls. I think it was Zumbro Falls. How soon I forget….



And this one showed up. (Funny thing, I have pictures of Laura, Angie, the babies, and even me, but none of Ali! The mothers don’t really count anyway, it was almost accidental that they get pictured at all) Look at Chase. He’s giving me the Ali look again.


And after Laura bought a couple of things, we went all out on babies and Angie and Ali went shopping.


Not sure how to caption this one…..


Accidently got Angie in here. Cora isn’t sure what to think. She really wants a purse.


Look at these two. Jeepers. Chase is wondering why Cora is invading his space and Cora still wants a purse.


I had lots of fun goofing with Chase.


We had a little possessiveness with the water bottle.


East meets West in the battle of the babies.


Cora is crawling like there is no tomorrow! I had to corral her and her blankie.

Then it was time to go.



Next time-Appleton and the Amazing Race!