Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I went to Seattle and watched a Ferry and bought a little Helmet and Mowed the Lawn-but not all in the same day.

Well, in blog time it’s only a day, but in real Sarah time it was a few weeks. Or maybe a week. Or something. I don’t really remember anymore. Because…

Time is nebulous. Ebbing, flowing, spinning away from us like a fast flowing mountain stream….

Really-ya buy that? Actually it’s just making some far fetched excuse for the fact I can barely remember what I had for dinner. I mean, really. Keeping track of time? Come ON.

I went to Seattle to a house warming to which I was invited at the last minute. Like the day before. The invite was a text. I had to ask for the address. So I didn’t bring a gift. Cause I’m a little bit of a bad last minute house warming invite guest. Sorry.

House was one of those small ones they complain about in Seattle. Narrow and tall, with a great view. Which means the neighbors don’t have a great view…anymore.

The front of the condos, facing Wallingford Ave N

Jeff's Condo

And the view. Which is why one pays top dollar for a 1700 sq foot, 3 level, two bed, two bath home.



And the happy groom and home owner-I probably didn’t mention he eloped with his girlfriend on April 1st. Congratulations Jeff!


Then I drove home is a crap ton of traffic. Why was there a crapton of traffic? Because Seattle. That’s why.


It was Easter the next day, a little sunnier and another trip to Seattle-to Edmonds this time-to have dinner with Grampa, Martha, and Tom at Anthony’s.

We watched a ferry go by.  With a flying fish. Amazing, huh?



It was a nicer day Sunday than Saturday. Weather-wise I mean. Both days were equally fun in different ways.

I took a lovely stroll around Chambers Bay at oh six hundred Friday. It was lovely.

 IMG_0513 IMG_0514 IMG_0515


Sorry about the repeat Facebook pictures. Dang it. But I needed a little blog filler and I do like these shots.

When I got to work these fine fellows were outside the back door. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of the homeless guy who was sleeping against said back door which made me have to detour to the front door. I don’t usually go in the front door, but I hate to disturb the boys sleeping in front of the back door.  That’s what these guys are paid to do.

Why was there a guy sleeping on the uncovered cement landing outside our door? Because Tacoma, that’s why.


Thanks officers.

This Saturday I went to a charity auction. It was thrilling.

Here’s a bunch of really old people auction goers lining up to get in.


I bought a little helmet signed by Richard Sherman for Blaney. He likes that sort of thing. I was happy to win it considering a rich guy was bidding against me. I let him have the Edgar Martinez signed Baseball and Yankees/Mariners tickets in exchange for me winning the helmet. I couldn’t afford both. And he could. Seriously could.


Today I mowed the lawn. Got gas. Got oil. Got mowed.


Paritally mowed-check out that lawn growth-impressive eh??

And done.


Dave tried to buy a house today. We’ll see how that goes. Not holding my breath but it would be nice. House buying-meh.

It’s about as fun as this--


And in reality, just like this…..


Wish us luck.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My hair is brown

Because I have relatively no life anymore, I have time to post. A Lot.

Today my hair is brown.

Used to be blonde-


Now it’s brown

brown hair

I scare myself a little when I look in the mirror. Although brownish is closer to my real hair color now than lighter blond. But all is not lost. May return back to the blonde side. We’ll see…..

Friday, April 18, 2014

It’s like having delicious cake every single day

Every single day for the past 10 days or so. I have run home from work to check this out (come on, who believes that-I’m checking at work).


I am sighing in the sheer over the top excitement of being able to see What Kate Wore every day whilst they are on tour in New Zealand, and now Australia.

Coworkers are baffled by this. I say-what? What is wrong with you people. It’s the ROYALS. And a new royal at that.

There are those that say it’s just an elitist show of rich irrelevant people travelling about on the public’s dime.

To that I say “And you watch the Kardashians do you?”

Because I’d rather see some tasteful Royals championing their charities than what some of the famous rich people here.

And, the bottom line? What she wore, people, what she wore. 


Monday, April 14, 2014

The One Where I Moved and Lost My Head (and my phone, among other things)

That would be this one.

You know, there’s a special kind of special about moving. This time we had movers and packers--

(unfortunately not this kind-

Fan Love

God I wish it would have been this kind….)

However, it was more like these guys


Only they (the movers, not the packers) had regular uniforms on and another guy came and checked on them. A random spot check.

I gave them glowing reviews even though the packers didn’t put down the red pads on the floor and I didn’t like their choice in music that much. Because they played their music. All day. Out of iPhones. Which really enhances the quality of bad music and made me want to poke my ears out with my knitting needles.

So, I gave them glowing reviews anyway until I realized, after they left with all my stuff that they broke my door.

broken door 1 -Look closer…..

broken door 3

Yeah, that had to be fixed.

There was also the issue of the mowers and the shattered window, the washing machine securers and the leaking washing machine connections, and, the topper which I had no one to blame but myself, the dropped iPhone in the toilet.

(Yes, the water was clean and no, I was not using said toilet at the time, I was cleaning it)

Martha came down on moving day and although I could only sit in a chair and stare off into the distance, she did a little cleaning for me.


That is dedication. She also accompanied me to Nordstrom afterward, which I’m not sure was so much dedication as our love of a good shop. And therapy. Moving therapy.

These are my suitcases lined up and ready to go. Bye house.



Out we go, and birdy too--


Last pictures before the furniture left us

(this is so out of order)


Our lovely old house. Sold.

And about this same time I took a walk because even though I was technically going insane, the flowers were blooming and it was time to stop and smell them.

Or at least photograph them.

See the tree flowering in the distance??


How’s about some daffodils…

DSC00629 DSC00628

Trees flowering close up…


DSC00632 DSC00631

These flowers were in my front yard--

DSC00638 DSC00633 DSC00634 DSC00637

And these were in the back yard

IMG_2178 IMG_2176

The pig stayed.


And that’s what happened during the first week of April and why the blog got so delayed.

I’ve barely recovered.

Lastly, this is what my coworker had for lunch one day.


Because it’s my blog, that’s why.