Monday, October 31, 2011

Gettin’ Ready

This is a short blog because I am getting ready for my mini vacay to Vegas and points west. Tomorrow is my last day of work for a week. Which is a good thing for me.

Last week I went to Serger School at Pine Needles with my friend, the Serger.

DSC01649 - Copy DSC01648

I made a table runner which is not quite done yet. It’s not so much the projects, but getting comfortable with the workings of the thing. Which takes some practice. Which is the whole point of Serger School.

We also had a big turnout at our little knitting group-Dunn Brothers at Two.


Actually, Kristie and Barb aren’t even in the picture because I ran out of space on the right.

This is a kind of funny picture because people were moving and turning their heads. And that girl in the background, on the left, looking at us a bit strangely, is not actually in our group. She is thinking what Stephanie Pearl-McPhee said at SS11, “what are the knitters going to to? Because knitters are very unpredictable……”. Well, we did climb up on chairs and take pictures of this



Our Skacel, Knit Purl Hunter shawls. Some done, and some very close. I think it’s really fun to see them all together, the different colors. However, we are all ready to be done, or very glad to be finished.

So. Sorry for the short post, but I have soooo much on my mind, and so much to get done. I’ll be sure to post from vacay, but remember,

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas……..

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Starting Friday, I’ve been busy meeting and greeting. I attended a pints and purls knitting get together at Whistle Binkings North. I saw old friends and met some new friends and knitters. That was fun, but I had to get home early and go to bed because we had plans for the next day.

Saturday we had a little all nurse nursing reunion at Winona State University, where I graduated in 2002. Next year it will be 10 years. What do you know….

Anyway, it was a big day. Mary, my running partner in crime, and I met up at the Warrior Waddle, a homecoming event for the last 4 years. There were a LOT of runners this year-over 500. I remember the first time I ran it there were about 40 people. I think there were over 500 this year. Really. It’s a 5K around the lake and I was second in my age division. I couldn’t believe it. I think it was easier to run because 1) I started out slow and increased speed instead of starting too fast and 2) the weather was cool and dry. That makes a huge difference. Either way, I had a good race, and Mary did too.

DSC01640 - Copy

Mary had a strong finish.

DSC01641 - Copy

The race started about 20 minutes late because of the crowd of people.

So we were a little late getting to our reunion.

We finally arrived and found our group, Lynn, Jenna and Betsy. We looked around the nursing department, found our graduation pictures, and then went out to watch the parade.


there was a dog


  and a blue grass band.

nursing reunion 2 

Here’s me, Betsy, Lynn and Mary watching the parade

nursing reunion

and me and Lynnie!

After the parade, we went and had a brat at the tailgate party.


Mary, me and Lynn….


and our whole gang-Betsy, Jenna, Mary, me and Lynn.

We then got the bright idea of having a beer, since it was noon, and that started a bar crawl that lasted until about 4. Man, it’s been a very long time since I’ve done that.

 IMG00027-20111022-1502 IMG00028-20111022-1502


I must say, a good time was had by all. We planned a winter retreat in January to relive the whole experience. We’ll see.

So today I rested up and watched the Packers beat the Vikings. The Seattle game was so boring they didn’t even show highlights of the game on the OT. Jeepers. The Packers looked bored. I was almost worried they might lose. But they weren’t that bored.

I got my swap Package from my swapner for the Starbucks Swap in Ravelry.

Sweet yarn-


A knitted cowl and felted cup cozy, some fabric, scissors, honey sticks and tea, a notebook and scissors. And, of course, a gift card for the Starbucks.


I do enjoy a swap.

So now on to the next thing, which is my vacay to Vegas and points beyond-starting in a week and a half. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy the fall.



Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Last weekend was retreat. I loves me a good retreat.


This is the view out our windows, which were on three sides


Look at all those machines and fabrics and everything else.


Suzie was there giving me a look.

Marcia went ca-rrraazzzy with the bags.In memory of Sheryl M’s past presence. We couldn’t believe her production in the bag department. Ardie and I found it a little bit scary-



And this is only a smattering. She was using this weird texture stuff.


I thought it looked like some sort of fungi. But it was pretty neat.

I think the final total was 9 bags. Told you it was crazy.


Suzie made this cute family portrait wall hanging. I love how clear the pictures are. They were actually clearer in real life.


There were lots of cool things made.


One of two tee shirt quilts


I wondered what Margaret found so funny-

DSC01616 DSC01617

These are the Lois and Linda quilts.


The second tee shirt quilt. Hard to see, but there are pinwheels in the sashings.

DSC01620 DSC01621

Bargello-I always think bargello is so cool.


Cheryl made this little thing, I think it’s darling.


And that’s just a few examples. Everyone was so busy. I forgot to take a picture of my mystery quilt and my mystery girls who worked on the mystery. Dang.

I almost finished this quilt. I ran out of the set-in blocks on the bottom right. I found some here so all I have to do is finish.


I made 40 of these. 


And 80 of these


So I got a good start on the Cabin in the Stars. If I can ever finish this blog, I’d go sew on it.

I got out the Serger and serged some. It was stressful but I finally did it. I am all signed up for Serger School next week. It’s a good thing


Yes, that’s a little mouse sneaking up on the serged table topper.


And that’s a little bit of how retreat was in 2011. Because, where some things are concerned, what happens at retreat, have to stay at retreat. Right girls????

Sigh. I hated to leave.

Monday, October 10, 2011


We are rockin’ the month.


This is what I am seeing outside my window at work now. The wind blew lot of the leaves off this past week, but it was very beautiful when the sun was shining in the morning.

It has been in the 80’s here last week, and now cooling off to the 70’s. Jeesh. Another reason we are rockin’ it.

Friday I went spinning at Barb’s house with Barb and Susan. And did I take one picture of their wheels or anything? No. I was likely too busy with the great food and/or the 3 glasses of wine. But I finished my purple roving and am plying it. Here’s a bad picture of my plying. It doesn’t look all that great, but it’s not too bad.


Saturday was VIP. Marsha was the star of the show this month.


She did a little demo of a table runner and super mitered borders. And we showed off a few VIP’ers projects-


This is a really cute baby design.


And look at this! Wow. And it would be even more impressive if I could take a better picture.

I hate to admit but I have my eye on this



I know, I know. But I could trade my 200 in for this one, because this is a smaller, less tricked out version of the 8 series. I could do some embroidery on it, and do my piecing on it because it is more portable than the 8, which is my go to machine at home. Sigh. Retreat is this weekend and I fear Marcia’s power over me. It’s been a year since I bought a machine…..

I could make this cute thing with it-


Of course, I could make it with my other machine too-but it wouldn’t be as much fun. I’ll just have to avoid Marcia next weekend. Of course, she could use her secret weapon, Suzie, or even worse, Connie.

I’m doomed.

I got my oil changed after leaving Racine, and man was it a nice day. The geese thought so too.



I was buying some containers for the quilting retreat (I should have saved my money for the new machine I have given up on resisting) when Cody called to tell me how well he did in his first Triathlon, The Phast. Click on the link and check out his sweet results. The kid is fast. Congrats to Cody and his 6 minute miles (making up for his back stroke in the pool!!-I told him swimming wasn’t easy)

I stopped by Coldstone on the way home and got some of the most delicious pumpkin ice cream EVER. Back for more soon. I also made an apple pie that was just as delish. Thanks Laura for the apples. (There’s the Laura mention for the week-it’s just not a blog without it)

Sunday I got so much done-check out Beta, the one-eyed Did. That’s 1/2 of Beta sitting up, and the other half on the ground. I don’t know why I wait so long to clip him. I kept asking him when he was going to cut his hair, and he just kept waiting for me to cut it.


He loves a good hair cut-when it’s over.


I finished up my swap bag and packed up my projects for next weekend. I had a bit of an issue with Jack. He was all up in my biz, so I put him down and he promptly tried to get into this box.


It’s only as long as my foot, barely as wide and about 8 inches tall-oh, and it is full of books. Not sure where he was going with that, so I distracted him with his bag.

DSC01553 DSC01551

Little did I realize Jack has been busy tricking out his crib.

He put in a ventilation/spy hole/mouse grabber slot right there on the side

DSC01550 DSC01548


It did keep him busy for about 20 minutes.


I am working on the Skacel Kal, and I have finished the first part. WooHoo.

I ran, watered, cleaned bird cages, and saw this

Yep,  Packer love was happening. Actually, I still have little fan love for Aaron R, #12.

It’s true. It’s good to be a Packer fan. Today. 5-0

Even Jack is impressed. I think.