Thursday, August 22, 2013

Walking, Running, Eating, Drinking, Sleeping

This blog is so far behind it’s going to go by chapter.

And the first chapter will have to be walking. Because that’s where we left off. After I found out about Dave and the fantastic talking remote/phone.

Let’s begin:

Soon after the last thing that we did, which was going to Nordstrom and Mount St. Helen’s and all else (I have to go back to previous blogs to remember my life, which is another reason to blog) we decided to go hiking.

I picked a place called Snow Lake because the Mountaineers were going to go there. There was a cryptic comment on the web site about going on a Friday because there might be less people. Hmmmm. I did wonder a little what they meant by “less people”. But how many could there be?

We went on a Sunday. Early. As early as we could. Which was sort of early but not that early. For a Sunday. We only took a wrong turn once. Or twice.

We arrived at our destination, and a few people were there already. Maybe only a hundred or so. It’s a big place.

The day was gorgeous and the trail beautiful.

DSC00290DSC00293  DSC00291

We didn’t go all the way down to the lake when we crested the rise, but we did get a nice view.

IMG_1734 IMG_1733

For some reason, we didn’t get the greatest pictures of the lake. I also think, if I were going again, I’d keep going and push on to the next lake. So I wouldn’t have to have my snack with 300 of my closest friends walking around. However, my hiking partner was kind of tired….



Oh, and we shared our lunch space with her-(she was eating a natural diet of dirt and twigs….)

IMG_1735 Ever eat a pine tree?

I gave Dave a break by carrying the big pack (we don’t have an intermediate size) up the hill and back down.


The views on the way down were also gorge-and we figured out what they meant by less people on the trail on a weekday, because we ran into about 500 more of our closest friends coming up.

DSC00293 IMG_1745 IMG_1747

And, not to be forgotten, the requisite selfie-


I still think we need more practice.

So, to commence backwards, the day before, July 20th, we went out to my sister’s house for lunch.

It was my mother’s 88th birthday.


It was a beautiful day and we had steamers for lunch. And you know how much I love me a steamer clam.


The view was also lovely.


There’s a mountain in this one, but you might have to make it bigger.


I was rocking my telephoto lens.


So, in retrospect, I think that wraps it up for July, and it’s only the 3rd week of August. Well done I say.

I’ve got the August pictures downloaded so it should only be a matter of days before I am caught up again. I think. I hope.

Scenes from next blog-


Seriously, you don’t want to miss this-do you?