Saturday, January 17, 2009

News Flash-Pregnant Woman Gives Birth

Still awaiting number two.....
Yes, it is true, Angie gave birth to Cora Rae who is about as cute as a baby could be. And of course, Angie is a very cute first time mother. Nervous. I don't remember being that nervous but then again-this is how it turned out for me:

Perhaps I should have been a bit more thoughtful........No, just kidding.

Anyway, Ali and Patrick and I went to visit yesterday. Ali brought hot dishes (aka casseroles), Patrick brought brownies and I brought myself and the camera. Hmmm. I also pitched in for the sandwiches for Angie and her very cute husband Brian.

So here's what happened. (Sorry to Patrick-why aren't you in any of the danged pictures?)

So here we are, Angie, Cora, Me, and Ali. Ali is due in Feb. I keep telling her I am exhausted by the pregnant women and simply cannot handle another pregnancy at this time. Ali does not understand this at all. Of course, she wasn't fretting about her blood pressure like I was.......

Anwway, Angie went to the hospital last Saturday at noon, epidural at 2, pushed at 4:30 and had said baby at 4:45. We are rather perturbed at this type of behavior for a first time mother. Where's the 30 hour labor and threats of quitting it all and going home? Where are the bruises on her husband's arm from the intense squeezing so he can feel the pain too? And puleese, where is the residual baby fat? This girl looks fantastic. If we didn't already love her we'd probably have to dislike her intensely? Plus, she had the cutest baby.

Here's our little Cora. She was tired when we got there but woke up at the end. I sort of scared her with the flash-I didn't expect it to flash and neither did she!

Here's our sweet Ali practicing for motherhood. Look at all that hair (not Ali's-Cora's!)

And here is me with a happy baby who is getting ready to be not so happy. Have a good life Cora and congratulations to Angie and Brian.

Lastly, just to show that yesterday was cold I took a picture of the thermometer before I left for work. I had to take it though the glass door so it isn't so clear. I certainly would have opened the door and gotten a better picture if the door had not been frozen shut. End of story.

You should probably click on it to make it bigger so you can be sure it says 19 below.

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