Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's All Relative

People, my relatives are out of control this weekend.

My nephew, whom I see around on Facebook has this radio gig going on. I believe his slot is oh dark thirty. They probably don't trust the freshman (who know everything) to be on during prime time. This is the information in his own words:

"FRIDAY MORNINGS 4:30-6:30AM!!That's Central Time (+6:00 GMT) y'all. So 2:30-4:30 for the west coast and 5:30-7:30 for the east. You can listen in at Just click on the "Listen Now" link. You can also submit requests on the website or call us in the studio at 507-222-4127. We'd really enjoy that. We'll play your requests.Keeping it real in the realest sense of the word possible,



He says he will play all of your requests. Oh so sorely tempted to call. As soon as I come up with the weirdest most obscure thing possible I'll be dialing.

So after recovering from this, my sister (other sister-the wine sister) sent me this link about my brother-in-law who edited a 700 page book about the Western Papagueria titled Fragile Patterns. (He is seen above with my sister in the only picture I could find at five thirty AM) I was actually impressed by his speaking and thought he would probably be pretty interesting to listen to. Do remember that he has spoken to me several times in the past 30 years or so but usually in one or two syllable words so I will understand. I mean-check out the e-mail sig:

Jeffrey H. Altschul, Ph.D, RPA
Chairman, Statistical Research, Inc. (http://
Chairman, Nexus Heritage (
President, SRI Foundation (

These people send me e-mails with this kind of signature. Like we aren't related or what? Anyway, it gives me boundless joy to razz them about it.

I have to also say, Jay is probably right about my intellect as Dave and I spent several minutes doing wordplay on Papagueria. (We work in the medical field and we just can't help it)

But really, to edit a 700 page book is remarkable. That one could actually wade through 700 pages of the Western Papagueria is stellar to say the least.
So, Happy Accomplishments to all! I start an MPH program next month. Lets see if I can stick with it.
If not, I can always tune into Carlton College Radio whilst thumbing through Fragile Patterns.....

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