Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year-

Well, I am the only one up in 2009 in my house. Dave is snoring his ass off sleeping peacefully upstairs. The birds have not started in yet. The dogs and cats have had breakfast so they are quiet. I love this time of day.

So, last night I made a baby beanie for the pregnant women. Well, it is a template. If the
pregnant woman on the right would have her baby this weekend I could use her baby as a model to see how I have to modify the hat, which I will take a picture of later and add the pattern and book. Actually, there has been pregnant women hysteria all around the office with these two-and you gotta love 'em. First babies for both. They sure take different care of pregnant women today than 24 years ago! They freaking scare the hell out of them. I have yet to hear any doctors advise to let nature take its course and things are normally progressing. Not for these guys nor the last 10 pregnant woman I have worked with in the last 5 years.
Seriously, could I just have a pregnant free coworker/friend/relative year-could 2009 be the year of the abstinance/effective birthcontrol? Although I must say, it certainly amps up the quilting/knitting baby projects. These two are fodder for the next 3 years.
Aren't they cute? Seriously, they really are funny and have been great coworkers. (But very pregnant)
I'll be taking pictures of the hat and quilt, I made the same one for both in different colors. And some other projects. I am working the GAAA and hating it. I liked the GAA better-way more fun than hundreds of cables. I have a mystery quilt up on the wall waiting to be put together. I did another BOTM in which I made the huge cutting error. I think the rule is measure twice, cut once. Only I measured twice wrong. I think there should be a corollary to that one-like measure twice, cut once, corollary a-read instructions twice/corollary b-measure correctly.
In the meantime, Happy New Year-We can in 2009.

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