Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to the Gym

So, here it is, the first week of January and all the Resolutioners are back at the gym. The place is packed. It is so irritating! I suppose, as a nurse, I should appreciate all of those who have made a resolution to get into better shape and be physically fit while eating fat free chips and drinking diet pop.
However, the majority of these people crowding me in the locker room shall be gone in another couple of months and I will remain, slogging my way along the dreadmill, doing shoulder presses and bicep curls, spinning and sweating.
So while I have to be in the gym in the winter I wish all the people could make their resolutions in the summer so they could crowd the gym while I am not there.
I know, it sounds so possesive of me, but I have been going to various gyms for the past 13 years and it happens every single January. I get pushed and crowded and I am the senior gym user! Dang it!
Sigh, ok, I am over it. Sort of. I'll go back to appreciating everyones efforts and hope that I can get a locker tomorrow.

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