Saturday, January 17, 2009

Construction Zone

In my last post I said to click on a picture to enlarge it. I am finding that this option has broken but am trying a new fix. The breakage is totally on Blogger, not because of my computer.

This fix is a huge pain in the ass. Really. I hope it gets fixed soon because I like to post pictures.

I'm posting this to see if my fix has worked. It's all about a bad html for the image when one drags it around. I cannot even believe I typed that. I can't believe I understand what it means. When I import information like that into my brain some other important information is displaced and deleted, such as how to get home, where the bathroom is etc etc.


Family Seattle said...

Hi Sarah!
Let's see if I can figure out comments. Alex is calling with temperature updates. He's wearing the mittens I made. If I leved anywhere near you, I'd so be with you on your fabric and fiber adventures.

Family Seattle said...

Lived not leved. That'll teach me not to preview