Saturday, January 31, 2009


I am updating the blog today with just a few items.

First of all-pregnant woman #2 has given birth yesterday at 10 AM. Chase Harvey was 3 weeks early and a little baby at 6#7oz. What is the meaning of that? Birth went well after a little blood pressure problem. I don't have pictures yet. I do have this prepregnancy picture from when we went and saw pregnant woman #1's baby.

So congratulations to our little Ali-pants, and perhaps the office can calm down a tish.

Last week was sit and sew at Pine Needles. And I did not bring my camera. So next month look for Sit and Sew pictures. I am glad it is Sit and Sew because standing or lying and Sewing probably would not work out well. Sit and Sew is the gathering for the Thimbleberries Club, by the way.

Wednesday was embroidery club and we made cards which are really cool. I made 2 baby cards for the pregnant woman

Tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday Mystery Quilt IV. This, next to Retreat, is just about my favorite Pine Needles Event. It is also the first time I was ever at Pine Needles. So, many functions and 2 sewing machines later I am still at it.

Last week my sister Martha and I received our RSC yarn. And since the law of spoilers forbids I post a picture or even describe it I will just say "Oh la la". I had to order a needle set from Knit Picks (I cannot knit on anything but Harmony now). They have been shipped and next week I will swatch (yes, I am going to swatch-as much as I don't want to). I have to finish my GAAranA block this weekend. Constant cabling is driving me nuts. Plus I have 3 cable mistakes in the block now-which is not getting ripped back no matter what.

So I am off to finish my sit and sew block-I bought 2 new rulers for triangles and half squares, and two new rulers for measuring. You know, you think one ruler is just like the next-and you would be wrong. I love my new rulers. That Kaye England is so clever.

Enjoy the superbowl and root for the Cardinals. I don't much like the Steelers, ever since they stole the superbowl from Seattle. But I won't get into that, suffice to say I am still bitter.

Next week-lots of pictures!

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