Saturday, August 1, 2009

This and That and……Oh My God, Laura’s Jumped Out of her Shoes.

Well, things got a bit dicey at the old 2100 building this week.


But more about that later.

First I got these in my e-mail at the beginning of the week.

Seriously, is this not the cutest 6 month old baby you have ever laid eyes on?


Look at our Cora-I love this picture.



I am not sure they get any cuter than this-


Do they?

Chase 19

Look at Chase Harvey! This picture just makes me laugh he is so darn cute.

Chase 20

He just kills me!

Chase 2

So I can’t decide, in the battle of the babies, who is the cuter baby.  I think it is a complete tie in the 6 month old cute baby contest.

Last week I went to the country to make a visit with the famous Laura P, SW extraordinaire.

DSC00387 - Copy

We had to stop for a moment to discuss things and to stand outside in the country. We saw this


And this


Laura says she loves the oaks so I took 2 pictures of them, which I must admit are a little more interesting than the corn field across the road. But the clouds are pretty.


Which leads us right back to the 2100 Bldg, otherwise known as Public Health.

DSC00390 - Copy

It’s called the 2100 bldg because of this

DSC00390 - Copy - Copy

Olmsted County seems to favor calling their bldgs by number. For example, Laura P, SW extraordinaire works behind the 2100 in 2116. Sometimes our group of bldgs is called the campus. Go figure.

(And as an aside, yesterday I was reading a doctor’s report from Mayo and at the end of a descriptive paragraph the physician wrote “go figure…..”. Really. I wonder what they write about me?)

Anyway, inside of this bldg is where all the fun goes on. Last week we couldn’t get enough fun. Our team is on vacation. There were 3 of us left standing. Well, actually only 2 on Monday. Intake calls were insanity. I am trying to go on vacation so I thought I would not take new referrals but that left Ali and Angie (mothers of above babies) to field the Case Management AND PCA referrals. Good Lord. So I scheduled throughout the week and on Monday too. (I get the hell out of there go on vacation Tuesday) Poor Angie, who is new to Case Management took over client’s for Lindsay, who had a girl by the way, and I never have heard of weirder problems than came up for poor Angie. By the end of the week Ali was surrounded by charts all over her cubicle and floor, walls, ceiling. Holy Cow but it was wild. I hope to get out on Monday before dark. Maybe…..

And we kept getting more and weirder news and changes, because the 2100 is a hard place to figure. 

But this really took the cake. Laura, our Laura, who is generally unflappable in the face of the 2100, finally lost her mind. Friday was just about more than Laura could take, and when I went looking for her in the AM to do some frivolous work for me (involving post it notes and maps to no-where) this is what I found


Really. Let’s examine this situation more closely

DSC00388 - Copy

OK, those are Laura’s shoes, and that is the work surface Laura was working on, but…where is Laura? She seriously has jumped out of her shoes and run off like her hair is on fire.

Man. It is just a good thing Friday finally ended.

Oh, by the way,I did find Laura. She was cowering in the stacks behind this one. She was incapable of speech (is incoherent babbling speech?) so I left her to get back in her shoes and we took a walk later, after we took a plate of food from the ongoing retirement party to eat at our desks because we are so good a socializing. We took cake later.

Next week I am off to the equatorial zone known as Seattle. Let’s just see what kind of trouble I can stir up there.

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caillie said...

Good Luck with the "trouble"!!
I am glad you were able to talk Laura down from the "crazy Friday"
I hope you have so much fun on your VACA you can hardly stand it!!! You deserve it!!!

P.S. I vote for Cora.