Sunday, August 30, 2009

Laura’s Birthday, Lindsay’s Baby, and Chase

Last weekend was Laura’s birthday, so we had a little celebration. I try to make my birthday last at least a week but we only lasted a couple of days on this one.

On Monday we had a cake.


It was a delicious cake from HyVee. HyVee makes a really good cake. Go figure.



Laura was thrilled with her cake. Well, I don’t know if she was thrilled, but I was thrilled because I love cake.

On Tuesday we went to the Olive Garden for lunch


Here is our little group-clockwise from L is Angie, Laura, Ali, Pat, Patty and a surprise guest appearance from Lindsay, after giving birth a month ago to this


Here is Morgan Rae. Isn’t she cute and sleepy?


She has a dimple on her chin.

When she woke the passing of the baby began-


First Lindsay, because, after all, she is the rightful owner.


Then Patty. I gotta say, that baby is one moving little thing. She was putting her arms up and down, and wiggling her feet. But mostly she likes to get those arms going.


Then me. I hypnotized her as I have that way with babies.

Then, who else? No baby visit would be complete without a picture of this

DSC00471 DSC00470

Laura was itching to get hold of that baby.


So that was a fun day. We also gave Laura a card and some money and a gift card and soup and salad. So a good birthday was had by all.

I got this in my e-mail last week


Look at Chase. I swear he is getting more like a regular kid every day. He continues to crack me up. Ali doesn’t think he was ever as little as Morgan but I have the proof-


Remember when?

I couldn’t decide who Chase looked like but I decided that he looks just like Ali when I ask her a question about work and then tell her I’m not going to do it that way anyway. Then she gives me this look


Seriously, exactly like his mother.


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