Sunday, August 9, 2009


I am in Tacoma which is South of Seattle until next week. I have been to Sock Summit 09 (I passed by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and saw lots of vendors I have only heard about in magazines). I have spent oodles of money at Nordstrom and had  a personal shopper named Katie. I went by my old house in Longview. I am going to a rel-fest (meaning a fest with rel-atives) on Tuesday. Putting together a puzzle and getting some knitting done. Pirating internet service and wondering why it was so warm and sunny all summer long until I arrived. It is usually quite warm in August and it has barely been out of the 60’s. But dry and no humidity. I am going for a nice walk with my friend on Monday.

I have/will have pictures of most all of this stuff. It’s just that I can’t really post it because of my pirating the internet such as I am. If that is illegal somehow I really would never do such a thing.

So, pictures and fun stuff next week. I get back on Thursday. And I still have 4 days off. Yippeeee.

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caillie said...

You got that close at the summit! WOW!!! Great job on the finding time to knit while on vaca!!