Monday, August 17, 2009


What a match I watched yesterday. Tiger lost it at the end, after the amazing 14th hole by Yang. Oh well. I couldn’t wait to see what John Feinstein, my fave sport writer and now blogger, had to say about that as he can be a little hard on Tiger at times.

You have to hand it to the guy. He was out all last year with the knee thing and came back looking great. We watch him miss puts for birdie and make par in 4 and think he’s not playing well, and then we say “hmm, that would be about a 10 shot hole (on a good day) for me!”

What I am saying is-Golf is hard and everyone who was playing Sunday played well or they wouldn’t be there. (Except for maybe those exemption guys….)

Oh well. I must admit it kept me glued to the media all afternoon. Ok, maybe not. We did go for a walk because I couldn’t stand the tension.

I think he’ll win the PGA again-next year? Can’t wait.

Tiger and Yang


Photo by Getty Images at                TigerWoods. com


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