Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hitting the Trail

Yesterday was the St. Mary’s Trail Scamper, 4 miles. Because of the small field and relatively few old women (all two of us)  I was first in my age division at 39:32 or something like that.

Conditions were pretty good, somewhat cool (70’s) but a little humid. I ran the whole way, only walked for about 50 feet up the last steep hill (why do they put a hill so close to the finish). Dave talked to Kathy H who volunteered to cheer us on.

This is what it looked like.

We lined up to start-


And they’re off! That’s me towards the back because I am not getting in the way of those whippersnappers who have times like 25 minutes (overachievers).


Here’s my first pass-look at Kathy cheering me on like the good volunteer that she is.


I really need to  upgrade my running clothes. Stuffed sausage comes to mind every time I see myself in pictures……


This is the second time around. Little sweatier, not quite so lively, but still smiling.


Here I come, on the last pass coming the other way. WooHoo.


Still Running.


Ahh, the finish. Yippee. Actually, it was a good race. The trails were beautiful and in good condition and well marked (Year 2 people got lost and ran for miles before finishing-I mean more miles than the race was supposed to be!)

I should have gotten a picture of Kathy and me. She is such a positive force out there. I’ll put in a repeat picture of her and Mary B and me at the BK5K.


There she is, in the middle, another happy volunteering-at-a-race venue. (I really should edit myself out of this picture)

Hey, last night I watched A Night at the Opera.

Here’s a line-when Groucho and Chico are going over a contract-


Driftwood: (Groucho) All right, I'll read it to ya. Can ya hear?
Fiorello:(Chico) I haven't heard anything yet. You said anything?
Driftwood: Well, I haven't said anything worth hearing...
Fiorello: Well, that's why I didn't hear anything.
Driftwood: Well, that's why I didn't say anything

I’m sorry, but it is highlarious. So if you haven’t seen it lately, I’d recommend sitting down, getting out your knitting, and having a good laugh.


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