Monday, August 24, 2009

Child Endangerment

Look at what I got today-


I know. Our Cora, looking at saucy as ever. She’s looking pretty happy in spite what her parents are doing to her-

Look closely-


Do you see that? I know, quit looking at how cute she is and take note of the fact she is dressed in a Vikings dress.

Yes, my little Cora Rae is being brainwashed into thinking that someday she will be a Minnesota Vikings fan. This is how it all begins.

Not only are they using cute little dresses to poison her thinking (and you know cute clothing is a sure way to get to these girls)-they are using devious methods of baby mind control.

I have proof-


Need I say more? I am to Appleton next month where I hope to purchase a little Packer dress and stage an intervention. Am looking on line for Seahawks apparel too.

It’s just hard to believe what some parents will do to their children……


1 comment:

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

She is adorable. Which do you think she will be able to say first ? Packers or Vikings !