Thursday, November 6, 2008

Retreat, part two

Here we are again! Just to remind you of our group. I am the top right person looking goofy of course. I made the picture a little bigger so maybe one could actually see the people.

Look at what Suzie made! (She is in the front row in red-can't see her too well behind the quilt). Isn't it cool. I love the colors.
I finished the block of the month from year before last. I took it to work to show off and everyone loved the colors. Now I have to finish this years.

Here is my roommate and table mate Peggy. Dang she was a good quilter. She made 5 table runners for her staff for Christmas. What a nice boss.

And look what Peggy did-I wish I would have put a ruler by this block because those little pieces are like, one inch square. Note that it is perfect AND she started it at about 9 PM. Crazy.

I wish some of her precision could rub off on me. It was fun fun fun.I met some great new people, like Peggy, and caught up with old friends. Am planning for next year already!

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