Sunday, November 2, 2008

Retreat Part One

I was at reatreat this weekend. It was soooo much fun and a getaway that I really needed.

I can only upload so many pictures, it seems, at one time, so today I will start with our group. Here we are, tables set up, ready to sew. Barely visible on the left is Connie, who helped to sell me my sewing machine last year and is a great and wonderful quilter and person. She made a cool Christmas stocking and a flannel quilt top.

This is our snack table. We ate the best food in the cafeteria, which is catered by a chef. Holy Cow. Good thing we only get 4 full meals-plus our snacks. This will take me 3 weeks of gym time and miles of running to work off. But boy, was it good.

Here is Marsha, owner of Pine Needles and organizer of Retreat. She and her daughter, Suzie, are a lot of fun. They (and the staff too) make everyone feel like family-one big quilting family. I love to go to their events and wish I could get to more. Anyway, Marsha is modeling some boob holder taco salad place mats. I hope they were place mats.....See what I mean about fun?

Here is the group. Marsha is in front in the black, Suzie in the red. Marsha's mom in behind Suzie and her sister is kneeling on the right. It's a family affair. I am top left and Connie's sister is next to me and Connie next to her. We also had another Grandma and Granddaughter team all the way from Georgia. Next year I hope to take my sister.

Next post-projects and roomates! And bigger pictures.

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