Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Christmas Season Begins...

So, Thanksgiving is just a memory now. Here we are after dinner. Don't we look happy? Actually, we are all stuffed and tired and ready for a nap at 7 PM!

Blane did go straight to bed. But then watched TV until 3 AM. Not me. I went to bed and fell fast asleep. The tryptophan effect.

We also had a beautiful flower arrangement. Which we still have. It is pretty tall so you have to look around it at the person across from you. Which is ok, because we were all too busy stuffing ourselves to speak.

So now we can just gear up for Christmas. I wish we could enjoy Thanksgiving a little longer. I am trying to convince Dave (and myself) to go shopping today. We'll see how far we get.

The good thing about the Christmas season is all the sappy Christmas movies on Hallmark and Family Channels. And, oh gosh, I can't forget Lifetime-which is showing 2 or 3 of them tonight! I love those movies-so bad they are good. Plot line-Boy/Girl has crisis at Christmas time-may or may not believe in Christmas, crisis brings boy/girl indirect contact with girl/boy who may or may not be enemy, crisis and Christmas magic cause boy/girl and girl/boy to fall in love and the holidays are saved, crisis is solved, and all live happily ever after. All in 2 hours. What could be better?

I'll be watching tonight while knitting this
Yes, I have started on square 2 of the GAAA. It takes much more time than the GAA because of the cabling and the fact that I am a slow knitter. I am trying to knit continental (is that the picking style) and can knit that but not purl, and the tension on my yarn never is right. Oh well.
Happy Weekend, enjoy the leftovers.

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