Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy Weekend

Besides a new Block of the Month at Kristen's knits (which I have ripped back twice now-more later) and then searching high and low for a birthday present for my son Blane I got my new sewing machine-Yesssss!

Really, you'd think I'd learn since I am still paying off the other one (for 2 more years). However, the sale was too good to pass up and I can pay for it. There's one good thing about the economy tanking-luxury goods are goin' on sale.

The one on the right is new. It is so light and small. Had a couple of tension issues but figured that out and finished this-

I call it the table runner from hell (It's actually Thimbleberries from 2007). I must have ripped out the center piece every time I sewed a seam. I'd like to say it was a very complicated piece, however, it wasn't. Sigh. I just have to sew the left point together and it will be done. (I was so tired of it that I just sewed back to front, turned it right side out and called it good-Binding? No freaking way!)

While I was making that on my Bernina 210, my 730 was doing this on a cotton hand towel

And this postcard (not such a great picture)

So you see, life is good where sewing machines are concerned.

And by the way, my new machine says this on the back-

Just in case anyone wanted to know!

Photography of me by Dave-thanks Davit!

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