Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blane had a Birthday

My, it has been a busy week.
As you can see, the dog got very excited over Blane's 24th Birthday.

There were presents, such as a desk chair with a bow on top, and various presents on the chair, including a bag of cat food for the cat, because it was her birthday too. (Well, maybe not technically, but if Blane has a birthday, then Good Kitten-Blane's cat-should have one too)

There was birthday cake for Blane, but only 4 candles. I didn't want a fire or melted wax on the cake. And check out that frosting, although I thought it might be a little flowery for Blane, but still, it is cake. With lots of frosting.....mmmmm, I love cake.

There was then some blowing out of the candles. Please, no spitting.

And there was present opening after cake. First things first.

Happy 24th Birthday to Blane.

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