Saturday, November 15, 2008

At long last, The Weekend

Although I only worked three days this week, it seemed like 30. Work is very slow and boring. Maybe I should appreciate a slow time, although since I have been at this job since Feb, I have been busy one time. Not my usual modus operandi.

So, yesterday I knitted for an hour or so. I offered to do other peoples jobs, at least help them since they complain about their busy-ness, but no one takes me up on it.
Either way, I finished block #23 in the Great American Afghan. I don't have a picture of it, but I do have a picture of #19.

I really need a better camera. This looks way holier (I mean increasingly holey, not holy) than it actually is. I think I needed it on a darker background. But you do get the gist of it? It is entrelac and cables. I think the cables pull it out of shape. I liked this block.

I ordered this pattern

It is Bobby's Garden and it is a knitted hexagon blanket. $6 on Ravelry. I saw it on Rose-Kim knits and seems like a great way to use up some stash and extra yarns.

I saw this on Monday

The Sunrise colors-They inspired me to go running and have a good day.

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