Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Tree

Not much blogworthy these days. I’ve had a rather slow week. I did, however, finish 12 squares for the shop quilt. Now all I have left is the border.


DSC02012 DSC02010 DSC02011

I went to embroidery club at Pine Needles on Wednesday and made this towel



But I still have to cut the jump threads along the bottom of the letters.

I had Block of the Month on Saturday for knitting but I haven’t finished that yet, so I’ll have some pictures of that next week or so.

After BOTM (acronym), Laura and I went to Pine Needles because I was short a 15 1/2 inch background fabric for the circle blocks pictured above, and then we went to the mall so I could get a teeny weeny free shampoo set from Aveda, and then to Hancock fabrics (not JoAnne’s, which I kept calling it and Laura finally said “This is not the way to JoAnne’s at which point we realized we were talking two different stores. Just another ride with Sarah and Laura……). I bought a couple of patterns, because I want to start making clothes.

They were on sale for 1.99. Otherwise, they’d be 13 dollars, and really, that seems awfully excessive for a pattern.


I think, too, I might try deconstructing some clothes and making my own patterns.  

At work, we saw our friends up in the tree today.



Mr and Mrs Hawk.

And our turning tree outside the window is changing too.

It started like this.


Then turned to this


And now-Wow!



I think it’s really fall.

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