Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween today! Bawahhhaaahhhhh!

We’ve had quite a few trick or treaters, very cute. I love the little itty bitty ones. There was one who was dressed up like a little dog who was using both hands (in little black mittens) to pound on the door, and then licked the door a couple of times. It was seriously very cute. I’d take pictures and blog them, but not sure how much people like having their kids in a strangers blog.

But these people aren’t shy.

Morgan was a pumpkin person


Chase was a little dog


and Cora was a purple dragon.


There is probably a name for the purple dragon but I am way out of the kid loop. Although-that is a serious pile of Barbies behind Cora…

DCP_4815 - Copy


Maybe that isn’t a dragon, maybe it is a purple dinosaur, a la Barney. I better just keep going here. Getting the costume wrong is a big faux pas in the world of Halloween Dress up.




Laura took these pictures because I was out of the office on Friday. Funny, each of these mothers commented that they needed to get me to capture the event. I must admit, it was blogworthy. Fortunately, I have my trusty sidekick, Laura, trained for such events.

I ran a race on Saturday, the Spirit Run. Here I am taking off in the crowd.

DSC00038 - Copy

That’s me in the purple top, black long pants, and large behind. I was waving at Dave but he missed that part.


And here is my slow time finish. The person who finished first in my age group finished in 39 minutes and did not look 50. Some people will do anything to place. I was about 3 minutes off my time from the spring 10 K. I really need to ramp up the training.

On the bright side, I saw a dog dressed up like a bee.


I’m not so sure he’s happy about it, but I had a bit of a chuckle.

Last week, I met my hero in the county financial world-Miss Amy. We share a hobby by the name of Sven, who makes a perfect margarita and carries us in our beach loungers from  sun, to  shade, to  water’s edge, and makes sure our needs are always met.

In reality, when we are in reality, we both work at the county and revel in our unique understanding of how much fun things are at our jobs.

Either way, we have been buds for the past two years, and met face to face for the first time on Wednesday. I was ever so happy!


Now I know where she works AND my key will unlock the door to get there.

In other news, Jack continues to do weird things.

Last week found him in the bathtub


This week finds him here


Enough said.

I worked all day on the country chicks quilt, and yesterday I finished another block on the GAAA.



It took all day to finish those flower blocks.


Only 4 more Great American Aran Afghan blocks to go.

Happy Halloween-and so, officially, starts the holiday season!


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