Monday, October 11, 2010

The Days of Indian Summer

This week I did some fun stuff.

First of all, we are having an Indian Summer. Even though the trees say fall, the temps say summer is still hanging on. It’s been in the upper 70’s, and even 80’s this past week.


Yep, tree has turned, but check out that blue sky.

I’d go take some more pictures but I gotta be careful where I go. See that road? Well, don’t cross it-don’t even go near it or else--


Just sayin’.

Jack has been playing in plastic bags. I tried to tell him that plastic bags are NOT toys. There is a danger of suffocation. But he doesn’t care. He would rather exhibit risk taking behaviors and satisfy his own need for fun than heed my warnings. This is a common issue with teen agers-I wrote a paper on it.

This bag is full of smaller bags-he usually takes one out.


Then he gets in the bag, but sticks his head out through the handle so he has the added risk of suffocation and choking himself.


Then he just digs right in.

That is Jack in the bag.


Maybe lack of oxygen is Jack’s whole problem.DSC02020

On Friday night, in the nick of time, I finished the first of the shop quilts. Criss-Cross Stars.



I wasn’t sure anyone would recognize it as mine without a cat in the picture.

Saturday, I took it over to Pine Needles and stayed for VIP.


And while I was there, I got my new machine!! (Actually that should read machines) WooHoo.

(That is next weeks blog-or maybe the week after. Either way, it has to be it’s own sweet blog)

I then went to Rochester and helped a friend get some yarn at Kristen’s, then on to Cannon Falls to the new yarn store-What in Yarnation-with my sister!

DSC02031 - Copy

We also stopped by the cute fabric store.

She was in Northfield visiting with her son Alex who goes to Carlton. Martha came with her husband, and my niece Katie was there too. 

DSC02032 - Copy

It was a great day to walk around town, and Cannon Falls is a really neat place.

Today, I had a colonoscopy. Blech. Fortunately, everything was great and I don’t have to come back for another 10 years. Woo Hoo! (Because I wouldn’t have come back before that anyway)

So, next week I go to Vegas to see Cody and the white coat ceremony.

And stay tuned for the Bernina blog-you know you want to!



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Marcia said...

Oh how neat - still in denial??