Monday, September 27, 2010

Women Ran the Cities

This was a busy week. Ok, seriously, do I say that at the beginning of every stinking blog post? Next week I am going to say nothing what so ever happened.

But this week held some excitement.

We had some rain. Enough so that they had to tow the cars out of the park and ride. Which makes sense. The park and ride used to be a trailer park, but is now a parking lot because it flooded in the last big flood and had to be leveled. So, hmmmm. I guess when it starts raining hard Dave needs to park on the high end.


When we got to St. Charles the parking lot looked like this. We found Dave’s car, and then I drove over to the bridges and took pictures.

This is what it looks like on a nice day.


And here’s last Thursday.


Or this


Which was this


And this


Looked like this


So, we had a wee bit of rain.

Dave and I, being the smart folk we are, live on a hill, far away from flowing waters. We do, however, have a dry well. It filled up.


This is where most people put a sump pump. We also have a sump pump, only it is the manual model.



We got over a hundred gallons out of that baby. Beta couldn’t believe it.

So we survived, but there was a lot of damage elsewhere.

Wednesday, Cathy had a big day getting in a car accident. I relived old times over at the Ford collision center. She handled it like a pro.


Cora was by this week


My camera sucks as far as true color, but the fringe on the butterfly camo shirt was a more pinkish color than shows up here. She was a little shy around all of us, but we still love our diva girl.


Remember when????


On Saturday, Mary B and I went to Minneapolis and did the Women Run the Cities on Sunday AM. It was a beautiful day-started out cool (45) and warmed up a bit by the finish.

DSC01987 - Copy

I finished in 1:25 at a 8:32 pace which I was so pleased with. But I was reading a little note in Facebook and I think the course may have been a quarter mile short. Still, I would have finished before 1:30, which was my goal. I had a bit of a screaming left hammie at mile 8, but finished strong.

There was a nice band at the end-a sister band (I thought she said sisters) named Redpath. They were really good.

DSC01991 - Copy

I was having a little dance session while waiting for Mary to finish.

Mary had a serious case of bronchitis and neither she nor I were sure she would finish the course. But finish she did.


She had a Kleenex crisis and complained that no one on the course had Kleenex. I tried to explain that the water stations do not regularly have Kleenex on hand. Hence the name “water station”, not “Kleenex station”. 

We hung around a little bit and checked out the crowd.

DSC01989 DSC01990

It is a really fun event, and I might have stayed for the drawings, but we had to check out of our sweet hotel room.


That’s my knitting bag on the floor to the right of the window there. Yep. I actually was using the drop spindle on Saturday night. After 3 hours at the Mall of America. That’s my limit for the entire year.

Anyway, notice the little reading lamp on the head board


Sweet-so you don’t disturb the person in the other bed, or even the person next to you. I want one at home.

We drove home and I was a bit tired and sore, but nothing a bath and a little couch rest wouldn’t cure.

Oh and by the way, Dave never did get the fact I bought another sewing machine. Not sure how long he will live in the land of denial.

He did like the pillow I made him with said machine at the Bernina event.

DSC01955 DSC01956

Laura told me last week that she watched a documentary  about ancient Egyptians and how they rubbed lettuce on their heads to cure baldness. We didn’t have any lettuce, only spinach. Apparently that didn’t work.

Lastly, it is fall at work. Our tree is changing more and more. The days are getting cooler and shorter.


I love the fall, don’t you?

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