Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On Vacation

Well, blogging is slow this week because I just got back yesterday from my trip to Vegas. Actually, I was in Henderson to see Cody and attend his White Coat Ceremony for his first year at Touro. I took lots of great pictures and can’t wait to show everyone-except for one problem. I seem to have lost my camera. I had it on the plane, I was looking at pictures within an hour of landing.

Today, I went to look at the pictures at work and the camera was not in my purse. I looked in my car, because my purse flew on the floor this morning when I stomped on the brakes to avoid hitting a deer. But it’s not in the car. I looked in my bag and all over the house.

I sent an e-mail to Southwest Airlines, but I doubt, if I lost it there, I will ever see it again.

I had many pictures I wanted to share, especially of the ceremony, and now I don’t have any camera at all.

I have to go be depressed now. Hopefully, by next week, I’ll have found it, or have a new camera or something.

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